The First 14 Weeks With Baby #3

Hey hey my friends! I'm trying desperately to get on track here with updates for my sweet baby #3 - but I'm over a month behind at this point! I hope now that I'm getting things started, I can keep going somewhat on track. 

To say I am overjoyed about this baby would be an understatement. I have always, always known I wanted three babies since I got married and knew I would eventually be a mama, so this feels just so perfect and meant to be to me. Although the hubs may disagree slightly - I had to work hard to get him to come around to having a third. He was NOT into the idea for quite awhile. But now that baby is on the way - and it's a baby girl - he's definitely excited and on board! 

The boys still aren't too super pumped, but the bigger my belly gets the more they acknowledge what's going on. Gavin likes to kiss my belly and say "Hi baby! Luh you baby!", so that's freaking precious. Grayson likes to pretend like he's too cool to care, but his sweet little shy smile when we talk about her gives him away. I think they'll both be smitten the second they lay eyes on her. 

Now...on to the very first baby #3 update!


Due Date
August 25, 2018

This Week Baby A....
Can now squint, grimace, frown, pee, and maybe suck it's thumb! Baby is about the size of a lemon, around 3 1/2 inches and weighing in at about 1 1/2 ounces. (I'm cheating here and keeping the exact same update from the first AND second times)

The first 14-15 weeks were not so great for me this go around. While I am super lucky that I never actually throw up with my morning sickness, that just means I feel insanely nauseas with absolutely zero relief...for weeks on end. This time the nausea started super early - I was about six weeks when I started waking up sick every morning. And that lingered for the next couple of months. I also have been gaining weight super fast this time, which isn't so fun. Almost immediately I couldn't put on any of my jeans - the weight gain seems to be happening in my hips and thighs just as quick as in my belly. I don't know if it's being mid-thirties now, the fact that it's a girl, or the fact that this is my third pregnancy, but I can say this pregnancy is super different! 

Weight Gain
At this point I had gained a couple of pounds - I also was starting out about five pounds heavier than I was with Gavin, which was seven pounds heavier than with Grayson....basically, the heaviest I've ever been, aside from during pregnancy. So this definitely wasn't an ideal starting point, but hopefully things won't be too bad! 

We found out super early this time because I just NEEDED to know! So we had the genetic blood test done, which told us it was a baby GIRL! But I couldn't believe it (even though it says it's 99.9% accurate) so I was holding off on getting too excited about this point and was waiting on an ultrasound to confirm, which I had done at 15 weeks. 

Food Cravings/Aversions
Nothing crazy this time. No real aversions, no real cravings, aside from random things I want like, right then, and once I've had it I'm fine. 

Nothing at this point

The first trimester I had a bit of pregnancy insomnia, which I didn't even know was a thing until I googled it one night at 3 AM when I was wide awake for no apparent reason. I dealt with that for a couple of weeks, but once that was over things were much better! Still pretty comfy. 

What I Miss
I always cut out caffeine completely in the first trimester, but this time it was MUCH more difficult. I normally have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, so doing without that when I felt so awful was SO HARD. Plus, instead of chasing one crazy toddler around, now I'm doing that PLUS dealing with the attitude of an almost five year old, PLUS breaking up fights constantly - no rest for mama! I NEEDED that caffeine! 

Daddy's Thoughts
He was happy when I told him, but not necessarily took him awhile to be on board with the whole third baby thing, so I think the reality of what three kids means hit him right away. But once we found out it was a girl?! I've literally NEVER seen him so happy in the almost 10 years we've been together. He was meant to have a baby girl, I'm sure of it! 

Fun Moments
Having the bump pop is always fun, and it felt like it happened super early this time! Finding out it was a girl was obviously insanely exciting - like, I was in shock for DAYS. Maybe weeks. And finally being able to tell some of our close friends!

Looking Forward To
Everything! I love being pregnant, especially once I'm out of the first trimester, and knowing this is my very last time is making me enjoy every minute of it. I'm going to try to cherish every bit of it, and I can't WAIT to meet our sweet baby girl! 

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