I have a confession to make: I'm a complete and total TV junkie. I've been a huge fan of television for as long as I can remember. My first obsessions that I recall were ALF, Family Ties, and of course, Full House. Here's the level of obsessed that I was: My fourth birthday was ALF themed, even though my mom tried desperately to talk me into Princess or Barbie (like a normal girl); My first dog was named Alex (as in Alex P. Keaton); and my cat was named Stephanie (as in Stephanie Tanner). I'm also told that I had a crush on Macgyver. Can you say 80's baby?

The biggest obsession of my life hands down is Friends. I started watching it when I was just 10 years old, and I can remember standing in front of my TV in my bedroom (yes, standing up because I was so excited) and seriously having tears in my eyes the first time Ross and Rachel kissed. I was like 11 years old. What a psycho. I have all 10 seasons on DVD and have seen every episode an absurd number of times. I can quote pretty much every line of most episodes, and have an obnoxious habit of saying "Oh my gosh, have you ever seen the episode of Friends where....?" anytime anything even slightly reminds me of it. I also forced Arsen to started from season one and watch it all with me. I just can't help myself.

The best/worst invention for a person like me has been Netflix. Having access to every episode of hundreds of TV shows is both a blessing and a curse. And now that I can watch it through my Wii on my big screen TV, episode after episode? There's just no going back. For someone who really hates sitting around wasting time, this makes me feel like the biggest loser ever. But it's like I have no control.

The most obsessed I've been since Friends has probably been when Arsen and I started watching Lost last year. Good Lord, that show made me feel like I was living in the twilight zone. We would watch it until like 11 at night, go to bed, I would think about it most of the next day at work, we would get home, grab dinner, and sit in front of the TV until about 11 again. Every. Single. Day. It was sick I tell you.

And right now I have developed an unhealthy obsession with Pretty Little Liars. I've always been curious about it and I just randomly started it a few weeks ago. Having hours and hours with nothing to do but rock a baby leads to tons of free time for TV, so I've just surrendered into the obsession this time. I'm a few episodes in to season three, and OMG is it good. When I'm this into a show I want everyone around me to watch it so I can discuss my thoughts and theories, but Arsen isn't having it. So I'm left alone to obsess silently. Unless I start discussing things with Addie and Grayson. Then we'll know I've gone to far.

Anyone else as TV obsessed as me? If so, tell me what I should move on to after I finish with PLL and I need to fill the giant void in my life.

Two Months...

Our baby boy is two months old today...it's crazy how fast time flies. Even though he's only been with us for two short months it's like we've known him for a lifetime. He's changing so much every day and it's so fun to see his little personality developing. I swear I fall more in love with the little guy every single day. You just can't beat this mama thing.

Sweet Grayson,

I can't believe I'm already writing your two month letter. This past month passed so quickly, and you have changed so much it's almost like you're a different baby. Your personality is starting to show itself more and more every day, and it's just so much fun to be getting a glimpse of the little person you're going to be.

Your absolute favorite time of day right now is first thing in the morning. When you wake up for a feeding and diaper change around five or six, you are all smiles and coos. You are just the chattiest little baby...it's like you feel so refreshed from a good nights sleep and you want to tell us all about it.

The two of us are starting to get into a pretty good routine. You're still eating about every two hours, but sometimes you'll go about three. At night we've started getting you all swaddled and settled in around 8:30 or 9, and then you will sleep until usually 1 or 2. It feels like a miracle after the first several weeks of you waking up every two hours...and staying up. Now you just wake up for a little snack every few hours and then pass right back out. Mama feels like a new woman. It's glorious.

One thing everyone says about you is that you are such a serious baby. You always have a look of concentration on your face, like you're trying to figure it all out. But when you see someone you recognize your face brightens up into the sweetest little smile. Since day one I've been saying I'm going to turn you into the biggest mama's boy, but I'm afraid your daddy may win out. When you see him walk up you get so happy. It's the sweetest thing ever.

This month was the month you really started smiling at us instead of just random smiles. The first time you noticeably smiled at your dad and I was on May 25th, just one day after you turned a month old. I think you wanted things to be fair so you gave us both a big smile that day. You also turned over from your tummy to your back for the first time on June 10th. You did it twice that day, and haven't done it since. We don't do tummy time near enough with you, so really it's our fault. You just get so mad every time we lay you down to try. You've got the holding your head up and looking back and forth thing down, but you get so frustrated you last about three minutes before you throw a fit and one of us picks you up.

The best thing about this month is that you seem to have turned a corner and you've become a much calmer baby. Just about a week ago you were super duper fussy...a lot. And crying and screaming...a lot. This past week it's like you are a brand new baby. I'm not sure if it's me trying the method I learned in the book I've been reading, or if you just grew out of the fussiness, but it has been amazing. Anytime you start to fuss or cry I just have to wrap you up, rock and shush you, and you calm right down. It seriously feels like I've witnessed a miracle.

Needless to say your mom and dad are feeling much less stressed and much more well rested lately. It's crazy what a difference a few hours of sleep and less crying can make. We've even felt brave enough to venture out into the world with you. We've gone grocery shopping, been to Target and Old Navy, and your Nana and I even took you to the mall. You are a fabulous shopper, although when you wake up and realize where you are you can give some dirty looks. Nana and I think you are all boy and are just upset we're making you shop instead of leaving you home to watch sports with dad.

You got to meet your Great Grandmother this month, and I think it's safe to say she's smitten with you. You also met several of mommy's friends when I had a little trunk show at the house. Unfortunately both times you had a couple of meltdowns, but I think everyone understood. You also enjoy visits with all of your grandparents every chance they get to come see you. Watching the four of them with you is so fun for your dad and I. They are all completely head over heels for you. It's adorable.

This morning I strapped you into your little carrier, put Addie on her leash, and we took off on a long walk. You were super chatty for the first half of the walk, and then you dozed on and off the rest of the time. Addie loved every minute of it, and mom got some exercise. I'd say it was a good thing for all of us, so we're going to make it a regular thing. You really seem to like it when I wear you in either the carrier or our wrap, so I plan to start doing that more often.

Right now I would say your favorite things are meal time, mornings, afternoon naps in your swing, and the time right after you get a diaper change and you lay on your back in the pack n play changing table. We get a lot of good smiles and chatter out of you there. Least favorite things would have to be the first 30 seconds of a diaper change, having your clothes changed, and having to do tummy time.

Your second month on this earth was definitely a great one. Your dad and I really seem to be getting the hang of this parenting thing, and watching you learn and grow every day is the best thing I've ever experienced in all of my life. You are my heart and soul, and it's safe to say I'm completely obsessed with you. Even though you're growing up way too fast already, I can't wait to experience every new stage of development you go through and see what a special little guy you turn out to be.

We love you,

Mama and Daddy

Healthy Living...So How Does This Work?

Recovering from childbirth/surgery has been easier than I expected it to be. After the first few weeks of intense pain that was caused purely by the c-section, I feel like I've bounced back surprisingly well. But even though I'm only a few pounds away from where I started I feel like my body could definitely use some work. I'm in my pre-baby clothes, but they just don't fit quite the same. I went literally my entire pregnancy working out twice...yes, twice. So my body is more out of shape than ever in my life.

Not only do I feel like I need to start working out (how do you find time for this with a baby by the way?), I know that I need to change my diet.

I have a confession to make, and it won't win me any friends I'm sure. I have always had a truly horrible diet, and have never really worked out on a regular basis for more than a few weeks at a time. The past few years I've been a few pounds heavier than I would like, but for the minimal effort I've put in to maintaining, I could deal with it. But now...now that the pounds quit dropping off from breastfeeding I feel like I've plateaued. And in all honesty if I'm going to have to work to lose the last five pounds, I might as well work and lose the five to ten I wanted to get rid of before I was preggo.

Also, I'm more aware than ever what I'm putting into my body since everything I eat is going to the little one. And when he starts eating solids here in a few months I really, really want him to have a fabulous diet. But I've never had a good one, so I almost feel lost as to where to start. I keep thinking I just need to go into a "healthy" grocery store and start buying stuff vs. buying a lot of the packaged crap that we currently eat. I guess that would be a start, but you know how I love a plan. I love to research and weigh all the options and whatnot, but there are SO many different approaches that you can take with diet/exercise, that I feel a bit overwhelmed and totally uneducated.

Soooo....anyone have any suggestions as to where to begin as a newbie to the world of being a healthy human? I feel sad that I'm 28 years old and am just now really focusing on my health, and I feel super duper lucky that I've always had great health since I take such poor care of myself. But hey! At least I'm trying, right?

But seriously. Suggestions? They would be oh-so-appreciated!

Oh, The Crying

We have a crier on our hands. Grayson has lungs of steel or something. He can scream like no other. He's not one of those babies that cries for hours on end, thank baby Jesus, but when he is upset, we know it. And so do our neighbors. 

He has no little whimper that leads into a cry that leads into a wail. If his little belly alarm goes off and says it's time for food, he will wake out of a dead sleep and immediately begin wailing at the top of his lungs. And he will cry and cry and cry until the moment his little mouth latches on. If he gets picked up out of his swing before he's ready, if you dare to change his diaper when he doesn't feel like it, or if he just can't make himself go to sleep when he needs to....oh my. 

I should have known when he came out screaming and didn't stop for like four hours that this was likely our fate. But somehow I never thought I would have a screaming baby. I'm not a loud person, and neither is Arsen. So where on earth did this come from? It boggles the mind.

I'm currently reading The Happiest Baby on the Block, and I just read something about passionate babies. Pretty sure that's what we're dealing with here. It's not like he's an unhappy baby, or that he's in a bad mood a large portion of the day. It's just that if something displeases him he wants everyone to know. Like NOW. And he wants it fixed. Like 5 minutes ago. 

This is the part that makes a little sense. These babies tend to be a bit dramatic, and it says that the passionate part of their personality will continue later in life. Now, I may not be loud...but I would never say that I'm not dramatic. Or passionate. If I'm mad, I'm MAD. And things come out of my mouth faster than I can think them. Poor Arsen. And if I feel something, I FEEL it. And I tend to let people know about it. So this poor child has inherited my dramatic tendencies. I feel for him. And for those of us who will live with him. 

At least he got his dad's skin tone...so it's not all bad ;)

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A Belated Father's Day Post

I didn't get a chance to write this post Sunday since we were out and about for a good portion of the day, and all attempts yesterday went out the window when Grayson decided to have one of those days where he wanted nothing in the world but to be held. But I don't want to let Arsen's first Father's Day go by without giving him the recognition he deserves.

Grayson doesn't seem too thrilled about Father's Day, but he was, promise.

I have been blessed with an amazingly helpful, kind, thoughtful and supportive husband who has turned into a fabulous Daddy in just a few short weeks. From the moment Grayson came into our lives Arsen has surpassed any and all expectations I had for what kind of a father he would be. He is more than willing to wake up in the middle of the night to help with diaper changes and swaddling, he has relieved me from a screaming baby more than any man probably would hope to, and he has got the fun baby talk thing down to an art. Only once in almost two months has he gotten slightly nauseas from a dirty diaper, and he has even dealt with being pooped on a couple of times with surprisingly little complaining. I'm pretty sure he's a keeper.

So Happy First Father's Day babe. I'm so glad that taking a chance on the insanely crazy guy with the faux-hawk and impressive dance skills that I met all those years ago paid off. It was a gamble, but I have to say I truly feel like I am the luckiest girl alive to call you mine, and Grayson is going to be one fortunate little guy to have you as an example for what a man should be. We love and adore you, and I hope you know how much you are appreciated. 

I Guess We Knew This Day Was Coming....

Google Reader is going away soon....apparently in the next three weeks? I've been hearing about this pretty frequently for quite awhile, but now I suppose it's inevitable. What I would loooove is for all of you lovely little readers to stick with me if you would be so kind.

My personal favorite way to keep up with my favorite blogs is Bloglovin'. I've been using it now for well over a year and it is the perfect way to keep all of the bajillion blogs I like to read organized. I have groups for my "must reads", "fashion", "mommy blogs", etc. It tells you how many unread posts you have (you don't even want to know how behind I've gotten since little man's arrival) and keeps everything real nice and neat for ya. If you currently are using Google Reader, check out this post or this post for some guidance on how to make the switch.

And if you want to continue following along with me (please do!) then head on over to my little Bloglovin' profile right here and hit the follow button. I swear eventually I will post about something other than my son. Someday. Promise.

But not today. Just look at that face! As long as he's this cute it's gonna be hard to resist ;)

Grayson's Newborn Photos

Like probably 99% of women out there who plan on having a baby I've known since before I was pregnant that I would want to do newborn photography. All the billions of adorable newborn photos popping up in my Pinterest feed while I was pregnant definitely helped reinforce the fact that we HAD to have them done. Arsen really didn't think it was necessary, but like most of the things I obsess over, he eventually gave in.

I kind of left things to the last minute and I didn't start researching photographers until early March. I  never found anyone I just felt like we had to use, so of course it started stressing me out a bit. Luckily, at my first baby shower I was gifted with a newborn photography session from Arsen's sister, mom and sister-in-law. Talk about a relief! They took all the work out of it for me. All I had to do was call the photographer after Grayson was born and schedule the appointment. Which Arsen handled for me. So I literally did pretty much nothing, which was perfect.

The photographer they chose was seriously like a baby whisperer. Anytime Grayson would start to stir or fuss a little bit, he would use all of these crazy tricks to get him to pass right back out. We've actually taken a few of his little tricks and we use them when he's screaming like a maniac at night sometimes. He came to do the photos in our house, which was great since he was still so tiny and we weren't getting him out at that point, and I was able to just throw on mine and Grayson's clothes at the last minute when the guy got here to avoid any disasters. He really seems to enjoy spitting up, peeing, or even sometimes pooping on both of us. Aren't babies just so sweet?

We just got the photos back last week, and I LOVE them. I can't believe how much he's changed already in just a few weeks, and I'm so glad I'll always have him frozen in time at just 13 days old. He's such a gorgeous little man and I love all of his sweet little faces. Plus, the family photo with Addie just melts my heart. If you're expecting, I highly recommend doing newborn photos....oh, and he did a slide show for us that brings everyone that watches it to tears. I honestly still haven't watched it all the way through because I can't get more than halfway through the song without breaking down. The song he used...good Lord. You can listen to it on YouTube here. If you're a mama, grab some tissues beforehand.

And if you're in the DFW area I 100% recommend Steve with Poetic Exposure. He did an incredible job, and I'm completely obsessed with the results.