Sicky Sick

My immune system is down or something, because I am getting sick or getting eye infections or something non-stop lately. I've been home from work the past two days with the worst sore throat of my life! I can't even swallow water it hurts so bad. My doc finally called an antibiotic in for me this morning, so hopefully that will kick it soon.

I have been a super slacker when it comes to blogging lately. We've been so busy that I just haven't had the time to check in on the regular. It also feels like nothing too super exciting has been going on, so I haven't had a lot to chat about with you guys.

However, this past Saturday we did have an eventful evening. My uncles came through on their way to Dallas and dropped off two doggies for us to watch Saturday and Sunday. Addie is "friends" with them, and the three of them have spent quite a bit of time together in the past at my uncles place, so I wasn't too worried about it. Unfortunately, Saturday is when I started getting sick, so I didn't have a whole lot of energy to deal with them. Thankfully they were pretty calm.

We did have to yell at Addie and Solomon a few times to break things up....they were getting a little too friendly for our liking. For the most part they just chased each other around until they were exhausted, then would nap for awhile, then they would wake back up and do it all over again.

Addie and Sophie, however, did not have a love affair. Not even close. Poor Sophie is the most nervous little dog you've ever seen. She can't relax, and just runs around non-stop with all her nervous energy. I kept trying to get her to come over and sit with me, but the minute she would, Addie would get in her face and growl. It was so sad! And it made me and Arsen both so mad. Addie can be such a brat, and she is so territorial, and anytime I pay attention to another dog she gets mad. She seriously is spoiled to the point of it being obnoxious. We kept putting her in her crate as punishment (yes, we've heard not to do that, but nothing works with this child), and the minute we would let her out she would run right back up to Sophie like, yeah, I'm out. What now? It was awful! She finally calmed down and left her alone after a few hours, but good Lord it was annoying. I just don't know what to do with her.

So that's the most exciting thing in our lives lately. I started decorating for Halloween, but stopped about 3/4 of the way through when I started feeling too tired and sick. Now I've just got random Halloween decor laying all over our dining table waiting to be set up. Hopefully I'll find the energy to finish it up in the next couple of days and can do a post about it!

Our Texas Vacation

I realize we live in Texas, but as big as this place is, it's easy to vacation here. We spent a little time in Austin and San Antonio last week, and it was a lot of fun! More than anything it was relaxing, which is exactly what I was looking for.

We started out in Austin, where we stayed for two nights. There is so much to do in that town, but a lot of it is outdoorsy and athletic, and well....we weren't feelin it. We did have a lot of great food. To be honest that's really what I look forward to the most on vacation. Or on a Tuesday. Food is pretty much my favorite thing no matter where I am.

We also went to the state capitol, which was pretty cool. I'm a huge nerd, so I love anything history related, and will go to any historical site or museum that's around. Arsen actually enjoyed it too, which surprised me.

After a couple of days there in Austin, we headed down to San Antonio. We actually really loved it there. We stayed at a super nice hotel down on the Riverwalk, and it was so pretty. The river is lined with restaurants and shops, and that's where we spent pretty much all of our time. The only time we really branched out was when we went to the Alamo. I've been before, years ago when I was maybe 12 years old, and it was Arsen's first time. Like I said, I love all that history stuff, so it was fun for me to hear all about that. We also did a boat tour of the river, and that was a lot of fun. Also, it was nice to just sit there for awhile. We walked so much on this vacation! Our poor feet were killing us halfway through the day every day.

Overall it was a nice little trip. We didn't want to do anything extravagant, and it was actually good that we stayed somewhat close to home, because Arsen ended up needing to be back Thursday evening for a work function, and they had him come in to work on Friday. I wasn't too happy about that, but I realize it just means he's a pretty important part of things there, and his opportunities to grow in this company are pretty great, so like my mom's the price you pay. When he's some big shot exec I'm sure stuff like this will happen all of the time ;)

If you've never been to Austin/San Antonio, I definitely recommend it! There is so much more to do that we didn't even have time to do, and San Antonio is super family friendly. Good ole's growing on me.

And We're Back....

Vacation is over...and now I'm sad. We actually had a really good time, and more than anything a super relaxing time, which I think we both needed. I'll do a recap post soon with photos and whatnot, but today is going to be a quick one.

Arsen actually had to go into work today, which I'm not really happy about but oh well. Addie and I are going to hang out and do laundry and possibly decorate for Halloween. It's still crazy hot here, so I'm having a hard time getting into the whole "fall spirit". I absolutely love fall, it's my very favorite time of year, but it is seriously still in the 90s here. Not exactly fall-like. However, I've decided maybe if I go ahead and break out the Halloween stuff I can convince myself it's that time of year. I got a lot of fun new decorations this year so I'm pretty pumped about it.

We're planning a low-key weekend, which is always needed after vacation. Tomorrow we will be dog sitting for two little doggies, so with Addie there will be three crazy pups running around. My uncles are coming to Dallas for a party, and they had already committed to watching their friends two dogs for a couple of weeks, so they'll be dropping them off here on their way to Dallas. Addie gets along pretty well with both of them....I actually think she and the little boy dog, Samson, have a bit of a love affair going on. So that should be fun.

Other than that it will be cleaning house and getting things put away from our trip. Isn't coming home after vacation the worst? There's tons of laundry, everything has to be put back where it belongs, and, oh yeah, you have to return to the real world. Boo.

I'm off to unpack. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

We Made It!

One year of marriage down, 70+ to go. It seems a little surreal that an entire year has passed since the day I walked down the aisle and became Mrs. A.. In the past year I have learned so much about what it takes to be a wife and a true partner, and I have to say.....we are definitely still learning. But this year has been one of the most amazing, most exciting, and most wonderful of my life. I'm so incredibly happy that I've been lucky enough to find someone who makes me laugh every single day, and who is truly the best friend and partner a girl could hope for. Happy one year babe! Here's to many, many more.

Honeymoon in Mexico

After our insanely fun wedding, we got up and headed to the airport bright and early at 5 AM the next day. One aspect of the wedding that I was completely hands-off was the honeymoon. I left that 100% in Arsen's hands, and he actually did a phenomenal job.

We stayed at an all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was absolutely the best thing we have ever done. Ever. It was gorgeous, relaxing, and absolutely everything we could have ever wanted in a honeymoon.

The first night when we got in we just walked around on the beach, then had dinner and drinks and went to bed pretty early. An all night dance party and then getting up so early in the morning will exhaust you. Especially after eleven months of stressful wedding planning. So that next day we got up and had our lovely little breakfast in the room, then went out to lay on the beach....and we had no idea what to do with ourselves. After months and months of non-stop stress and busybusybusy, laying on a beach and trying to relax was nearly impossible. We both felt a little uneasy and jittery, almost like there was something else we were supposed to be doing. Luckily, by the second day we had the hang of it.

I literally took a nap every single day that we were there. We would get up, have breakfast in the room, go to the beach, float around the lazy river, come back, shower, lay around and watch crime shows like CSI (for some reason that was the only thing ever playing in English), I would nap, then we would get ready for dinner and drinks. Some nights there was a show, some nights we went to the little bars they had. It was amaaazing.

When I look back on our week in Mexico now I just get a little sad and nostalgic. Seriously, I don't know of a more relaxing time in my life. I also don't know why we didn't plan an identical trip for our first anniversary. I'm sure our road trip to Austin and San Antonio is going to be tons of fun, won't be laying on a gorgeous in a bikini drinking a dirty martini

So with that, I'm saying goodbye for a few days. We are heading out today for our anniversary road trip. I'll be back next weekend on a more regular basis. Hope everyone has a fabulous week!