Checking In

So it has officially been what, almost two months since I visited this little space? Life has been busy and full, so much so that I just haven't really found the time to check in. Grayson is like a totally new and hilarious person, talking in sentences and developing this crazy personality. He keeps me busy every waking hour, and I'm so tired by the time he goes to sleep that I just sit with the husband, mindlessly watching TV until I go to bed...usually like an hour after G does.

There have been several times that I've thought about coming here to touch base a bit, but to be honest, I know there aren't many people still hanging around. I keep thinking I'll get back into things, work on getting my followers back, etc., but MAN...that sounds like a lot of work. Right now, I just can't muster up the energy.

Aside from watching Grayson grow into a full blown toddler who will be TWO in just over two weeks, I've pretty much been working at my little "work from home" job about 12 hours a week, attempting to plan his birthday party, and trying to keep him well. He's been sick with a cold, then a tummy virus, then another cold with a nasty cough, for the last three weeks. And now I've got a fever, massive headache, and am super fatigued - which is how I've found the time to write this little blog post. Daddy is entertaining him and mommy is laying in bed. On top of all the sickness, hubs has been traveling about 50% of the time with his job, so to say mama is tired is an understatement.

I fully intend to do a post with sharing all of Grayson's hilarious little quirks and sayings and whatnot before too long, but I think I've been overly ambitious already today ;) I hope everyone is doing amazing, and I hope when I do find my way back here some of you will still be around. Until next time!