Sweet Relief

We made it. Our wedding was a little over a month ago, and I feel like I can finally breathe. The wedding was amazing, beautiful, SO much fun, all of the things we were hoping for. And I'm so glad we had this big wedding with all of our family and friends who mean so much to us. But oh my good Lord I am so beyond happy that it is over.

The eleven months of wedding planning were quite possibly the most stressful of my entire life. Not only was I planning the wedding, but I started a new job a couple of months after we got engaged, we bought a house about midway through, and I'm pretty sure Arsen and I argued more in those eleven months than we did in the two years before.

But it was worth it! Everything was gorgeous and everyone had an amazing time. Of course there were the little wedding day disasters that had to happen. First of all, this summer in Texas has been the hottest, driest summer ever. We didn't have a drop of rain for what felt like 3 or 4 months. Well, wouldn't you know there was a massive thunderstorm during the rehearsal dinner, and a more than 50% chance the day of the wedding. I wanted my beautiful outdoor wedding SO BAD. I was furious. I made everyone wait until the very last minute to make the final decision, and we ended up doing it indoors. I was so upset, but it all worked out.

Then, as soon as I showed up to the venue that day I was told to go look at the cakes because they were so amazing. And they were! However, there was one small problem: our Oklahoma State University groom's cake was iced in white and RED! Like OU, or OHIO State. Arsen didn't care about many details, but he was set on an OSU groom's cake from day one. I had a momentary, internal freak out, but our wedding coordinator was on it. She had them come out and re-ice the cake before it was even time for the reception. And it looked beautiful and OSU orange! No one would have ever known :)

Hideous Original Cake

Cutting the Re-Iced ORANGE Cake

Other than that, the biggest freak out came courtesy of one of my lovely bridesmaids (love you Amelia!). They all decided to get ready about 45 minutes before the wedding was set to start so they could help me closer to show time. I saw a little whispering going on, and a few concerned looks....and then I was told one of the bridesmaids had two right shoes. She called the David's Bridal where we got them, which thankfully was right down the road, and wouldn't you know...they had a box with two LEFT shoes. So we sent my uncles racing to David's Bridal to exchange the shoes, and they made it back just in time. Disaster averted. And it makes for a great story!
My Mom With the Missing Shoe!!!

After all of that, everything went pretty smoothly. The ceremony was short and sweet, just like we wanted, and the reception was SO. MUCH. FUN. It was a non-stop dance party from the minute they cleared the plates after dinner until we had to leave. Definitely everything we were hoping for and so much more!

So now that all of the wedding craziness has passed, it's back to life as usual. And I'm loving it. I've been working on getting the house all put together, Arsen has been watching a lot of sports, and I'm pretty sure Addie is relieved that life is back to normal. 

Hopefully now I will be able to keep up with the whole blogging thing. I've never been great at doing it on the regular, but I'm hopeful that now that I am a mature, responsible, crafty little wife, things will change. 

I'll leave you with a few wedding photos. If we are friends on Facebook you have had the joy of seeing about 8 million of them, but just for fun I'll add some here as well. Until next time!