12 Months!!!

So, this is the very first "birthday" post for Grayson that I have ever posted late. Why is it late, you ask? Well, apparently with everything going on in my life I totally forgot to renew my domain...so my blog was just GONE when I logged in on the 24th to make my post. Like, gone. I freaked out, almost cried, almost had a nervous breakdown, because this thing has basically served as Grayson's baby book for the past year, not to mention has chronicled the first almost-three years of our marriage. But luckily I have the most amazing husband in the world who did tons and tons and tons of research, sent emails, talked to Google on the phone (didn't even know you could do that), and basically saved the day.

So now I'm back in and ready to talk about my ONE YEAR OLD child. How. Is. This. Possible. This year has flooooown by. I know, I know, it's so cliche, but seriously - how is he one? How has he gone from a teensy tiny little ball of adorableness to a walking, dancing, laughing boy? It's been a quick year, but hands down the absolute BEST year of my life.

Well, you've done it again. You've successfully made this past month the best month yet. You are becoming just the funniest, cutest, sweetest little guy I ever did know. You make every single day an absolute joy - aside from the tantrums, but we'll get to that - and I love you so much it's almost frightening.

You are such an independent little thing these days, and I'm really starting to see who you will be someday. You have to do things on your own. Once you figure out you can do something, it's all over. You are walking like a champ, and unless you are just being sweet or feel a little unsure of the terrain you're walking on, you don't want to hold my hand. I can almost feel you thinking "I can do it myself, mom!". You also are really wanting to use your spoon to feed yourself on the rare occasions I don't just give you finger foods, but it is the biggest mess ever so we're trying to hold off on that a bit. You also really want to brush your teeth yourself. Daddy is so proud of your independence - I think it reminds him of himself. The cutest thing you've started doing on your own, just a few days ago, is getting in the pantry, finding the box of cheerios, grabbing a big handful out, then walking off while chowing down on them. You leave a big trail of cheerios in your path, and Addie trots along behind you eating them up. It's just so funny how big that makes you seem.

You are still the biggest flirt ever, and with all these birthday celebrations I'm seeing even more how much you love being the center of attention. We've had two dinners now where we all sang happy birthday to you, and you just sit in the center, beaming at everyone. All eyes on you is how you like it. In fact, if we go too long without someone paying attention to you, you'll fake cough or fake laugh until you get everyone's attention. I think that's another thing you get from daddy ;)

You're still obsessed with Addie, but now it's turning into a bit of aggression, which is kind of scary. You will do so well to pet her so gently, but then you'll get excited and just started whacking her in the face while laughing like a maniac. Poor dog has no idea what's going on. I'm pretty sure you've been saying "Addie" sometimes, too. We haven't got an "official" first word out of you, but there have been several times you say something that sounds just like a baby version of Addie, usually while pointing at her. It's true (one-sided) love. 

You are a true mama's boy, and I absolutely love it. You hug, kiss, squeeze, and love on me all day every day. You walk up to me and lean against my legs with your little face pressed up against me, then raise your arms for me to pick you up probably about 100 times a day. If I'm on the floor, you're in my lap. If I'm on the couch or sitting at the dining table, you're crawling up on me. It's nice to be loved so much by someone you're just as obsessed with. 

You are super goofy, and you've learned how to get a laugh out of people - and man, do you eat it up. If you make us laugh, we're in for a repeat performance. For awhile. The silliest things make you crack up, and then daddy and I make ourselves look like crazy people trying to get more laughs. 

This month you really started walking good, and from the day you took more than just a couple steps in a row you have been on the move. Your baby talk is sounding more and more like words, and there are several sound you make repeatedly for the same thing that let me know talking is coming up pretty soon. Ba-bem is the most frequent sound, and you seem to say that for bubbles and bunny (we have bunnies in our backyard a lot and you're obsessed with blowing bubbles), followed by Ah-Ie (I'm guessing that's Addie) and a very loud DA!, which I think is for daddy. The only time you really say mama is when you're crying or upset, then it's MaMaMaMa + tears. Nana swears you said mama clearly when I was gone the other day, but she also swears you've been saying puppy, so who knows ;)

You are full of smiles these days, and you have started giving this really goofy grin where all your teeth show, you scrunch up your nose and close your eyes while lifting your chin. You do it all the time, and it seriously makes us all laugh like crazy every time. You are completely and totally obsessed with the song "The Frigate That Flies" from The Pirate Fairy movie, and the second you hear the first note you give us that crazy smile, then start dancing like a little maniac. You also really love the "Let It Go" song from Frozen, but that one just makes you smile this serene little smile and sway back and forth to the music. 

You've started the whole tantrum thing in a major way, and it's driving me and daddy nutty. You will throw back your head if someone's holding you and go limp, and if you're on the floor you'll throw yourself down on all fours and cry and cry. You screech all loud and act like the world is coming to an end. This usually happens when we take you away from something you want or won't let you have something. I'm hoping it's a phase, because OMG it's not my favorite. 

You have eight teeth now and look so big. You still only weigh about 21 pounds, but you've grown to a little over 29 inches...you're definitely on the smaller side of things, but I guess that's to be expected with the mom and dad that you've got :) You were sick for the first time, like super high fever, no energy, just wanted to lay around and sleep, for the first time a few days before your birthday and mama hated it. But you were still a surprisingly happy little guy even during all of that. 

You are loving walks outside in the gorgeous weather right now...I hope you're really soaking it in, because it will be about 105 every day before too long and our walks might be cut short. You are just as obsessed with music as ever, and your dancing skills are just getting cuter and cuter. If you're crying, the best way to cut it short is to turn on music - just about any song will stop you immediately. You still love bath time, and meal time makes you pretty happy, too.

You definitely still hate diaper changes, so I'm guessing that won't ever change. Nap time is getting to be a little more difficult, too, since now you know what's going on and try to fight it. You really hate being told no, and you just can't figure out why you can't do every single thing you want to do. Other than that, you are a pretty cheerful little guy!

You are such a joy to be with, and you bring so much happiness to so many people. I don't know what I would do without your goofy little personality and silly little smile to light up my days. Your daddy and I talk about how blessed we are to have you all the time, and we are so incredibly happy that you are our little boy. We love you!


Just a Little Update

Hi friends! It's been so long since I've checked in that I'm almost embarrassed. The last thing I was planning on doing tonight was stopping in for a quick update, but suddenly here I am.

Life has been busy these past few weeks, of course, and fun. We've been in the new house for almost three weeks now, and slowly but surely we're getting all settled in. We're really starting to make it our own, and I love it more and more every day. The husband was oh-so-kind to allow a shopping spree of sorts, since this house is quite a bit bigger and we needed stuff to fill it up with. We've still got a long way to go, but I'm loving it all so far.

Grayson will be ONE next Thursday. Somebody hold me. I cannot believe that tiny infant baby of mine is a big, goofy, stubborn, walking, laughing, flirting little boy. Blows my freaking mind. He's still just getting cuter and more fun and more hilarious every day - along with more independent and more determined and more tantrum-y. So it's fun and challenging all wrapped up into one cute little package.

I'm finally tackling the whole first birthday party thing. Nothing like putting things off until the last possible minute. Today was literally the first day I've done anything remotely related to party planning. Less than three weeks until the party, might as well. We had to push his party to May 3rd because several people couldn't make the original date - and I secretly did a happy dance because it gave me a much-needed extra week to get my ish together.

Sooooo....whenever I've decided I'm ready to make the big leap back into blogging on the reg I should have lots and lots of good stuff for ya. House updates, birthday party stuff, normal life stuff - please oh please remember that I'm here, I promise I'll come back to you my dear friends ;)

I finally took all the thousands of photos from my phone and put them on the computer so that I could take thousands more photos (because my phone kept yelling at me about being out of space every.single.day), so here are a few of my favorites.

I hope I'll be back to see you all soon. I miss you.