Grayson Says...

*I found this post in my drafts from right before I had Gavin. Obviously I just never got around to posting it, but a couple of these were too cute to just never post. This also shows me how much more conversational he's become in just a couple of months!

"Mommy, why all dress up?" - Grayson
"Because I didn't want to wear my sweatpants to your school" - Mommy
"Oh, Cause den somebody say OOOOH, I like dose pants!!!" - Grayson

"The tun is up! Mommy, the tun is up! It's not too gark outside!" - every. single. morning.

"Mommy, why not moving? You want to lay der a wittle bit?" - trying to get me up and out of bed.

After I explained to him that my tummy wouldn't be big anymore once the baby comes.
"And den mommy hold Gayson?" - Grayson
"Well, sure." - Mommy
"Den Mommy hold Gayson A LOT!" - Grayson
Mommy didn't realize how much he's been wanting me to hold him - I still feel like I hold him all the time!

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