A Trip to the Dallas Zoo - Grayson's First Zoo Experience

Now that I'm semi-back to blogging, I'm basically just going through my photos from the last few months and easing myself back in by doing posts on that stuff. Should be super exciting. You're welcome.

So today let's chat about Grayson's first trip to the zoo. Since we live approximately 30 minutes-ish north of Dallas, we could really either hit up the Dallas zoo which is like a 45 minute drive, or head over to the Fort Worth zoo, which is supposedly quite amazing (we've never been) but would take a little over an hour. Not a big difference, but we feel like "Dallas" people, so we went with that.

The husband took off work one Friday in April so we could have a whole day of fun. First we had lunch at Mia's Tex-Mex in Dallas (a Mexican place, imagine that) and then we were off to the zoo. For some reason, I'm guessing because the weather was absolutely gorgeous, the zoo was PACKED. Like, we had to park in overflow parking and walk a mile to get to the gates. Once we got in it actually didn't seem too crazy crowded, so I'm not sure where all the people belonging to the cars were hiding.
We weren't totally sure how Grayson would react. He's a huge fan of Addie, obviously, and he had started paying attention to the bunnies in our yard and the ducks at the pond in our neighborhood, but we thought he might still be a little young. But he actually really seemed to love it! I think in a few months he would "get" it a little more, but for the most part he seemed to have a lot of fun.

I won't lie, I think the most exciting part of the trip for him was the fact that he got to try his first little bit of ice cream. He couldn't get enough!

Overall it was a super fun day for all of us. All of these experiences are so much more fun when you're seeing things through your kid's eyes. A and I took his nephews to the same zoo a couple of years ago and I remember being incredibly hot and sweaty and having a little fun but mostly wondering what all the fuss was about the zoo. But this time I swear it was like my first time at the zoo ever, I had such a blast. Your own child just seems to make everything so much more exciting...

So now, feast your eyes on one billion zoo photos. Again, you're welcome ;)


  1. He is the cutest! And you look so good Celeste, like you never even had a baby :)

  2. How fun! We still need to bring Kenley to the zoo, I know she will LOVE it! Also, your shoes are ADORABLE!


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