What Grayson Wore - September

So, one of the great joys of being a parent, at least for me, is picking out someone else's clothing. I used to try to do this for my husband, but he would switch things up or blatantly tell me no at times, so it wasn't near as fun. But with Grayson, at least for now, I can dress him pretty much however I want. Very rarely (knock on wood) does he refuse to wear something. It's awesome.

What's even more awesome, is now that he's going to preschool twice a week, I actually have a reason to dress him in something other than athletic shorts and t-shirts that he can wear to be comfy around the house. I am taking full advantage, and it's so fun. Lord help us all if I ever have a girl...I can only imagine how fun the bows and frills and leggings and little boots are! But luckily (for A's wallet at least), I'm a boy mama for now. But I have fun with it, and I think I've kind of created a bit of a signature Grayson style, if you will ;)

I started on the first day of preschool taking photos of him each morning before we leave the house, and I've kept it up each day so far. I typically text them to A and my mom, and that's the extent of it. But I figured if I'm going to be taking the pics, why not put them to good use. So, I'm thinking this shall be a new "regular" (haha, I know, who are we kidding) blog post around here.

These aren't exactly the highest quality photos, because they're taken on my iPhone, typically as I'm saying, "Hurry up baby, we're about to be late! Hurry! Can you say cheese? No? Come on, cheeeese! Ok, that'll work, let's go!!!". But they get the job done.

First Day!!! 

I have a daily battle with this hair. 
(Old Navy tank top, Old Navy cut offs created from jeans he outgrew, Tom's shoes)

I'm working on a more natural smile with him....so far it's not going so well....
(Old Navy t-shirt, Old Navy shorts, Converse shoes)

Hat Day!!!
(Dallas Mavericks hat, Baby Gap tank, Children's Place shorts, Tom's shoes)

(Tank top from Kohl's, Old Navy shorts, Converse shoes)


  1. You could put him in a trash bag and he'd be adorable but these outfits are SO CUTE! Boy clothes have come so far, I think it'd be a blast dressing a little man!

  2. I just bought that last pair of shoes after seeing this post. Thanks for sharing!


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