Gavin - Six Months

Half a year already?!? Are you kidding me?? Man, time flies when you've got a teensy baby, doesn't it? It is so hard to believe that we are less than six months away from a year with this guy. He is such a sweetheart, and I still swear that he's the best baby in the entire world. Such a joy!
Oh my Gavin, I'm pretty sure there's not much to say that hasn't already been said. You, my dear, are a true delight. You are smiley and always happy and silly and full of giggles. And oh my goodness, those giggles. You have a good belly laugh, but when something is really hilarious you do this kind of weird throaty cackle kind of laugh. I actually have no idea how to explain the sound, but it reminds me of an old man more than a baby. Maybe a chortle? Not sure what that is really, but that sounds right. It's so, so funny. You LOVE people, and you make sure they know it. It doesn't matter if it's family or friends or people you lock eyes with at Target, you are guaranteed to break into the biggest smile and let that person know you are so HAPPY to see them! I absolutely adore your little personality. Adore.

Even though you are an absolute joy 99% of the time, you are starting to show some other sides of who you are. You aren't the most patient baby (surprise), and you are starting to grunt and squeal in protest if things aren't going your way. You are also starting to protest loudly by either screaming or crying when Grayson takes a toy that you are playing with - which happens at least once a day, of course. If you don't want to be somewhere, whether it's the floor or your swing or your jumper, you will definitely let me know that you would like the situation dealt with immediately.

We've started trying some solids with you, and so far you are less than impressed. I started with homemade purees of avocado and banana, and you felt kind of meh about it. So I gave up for a bit. Then I talked to your pediatrician about your lack of interest and my lack of time to prepare your food, and she said there is nothing wrong with feeding you store bought organic baby food. I must tell you, I never would have done this with your brother, but in true second-child form, you are now being served store bought food. And to be honest? You're still kinda meh about it. If you can physically hold the pouch in your tiny little paws and jam it into your mouth on your own, you will eat a few bites. If I try with a spoon, you press your tiny lips together and I get a big no thanks. So. We're working on it.

At your six month appointment you were just a serious charmer, flirting with the doctor and nurse nonstop. The nurse kept saying you were making her feel terrible about her job, because you got three yucky shots that day. Your doc also said we may have to watch out for you, the way you use that smile of yours. You very well could use it to your advantage, which is scary. Two flirty boys. I see years of worry in mommy's future.

We have no real routine at this point, every day is just too different with your big brother's activities and social life. You typically are up anywhere from 6:30-7:30, eat, play, and then nap again about two hours later. If we are out and about you'll sleep for an hour or maybe even two if you're in your car seat, but if you're home it's more like a 30 or 45 minute nap. Then you'll be up until around lunch time, and the length of the nap totally depends on if we're home or out. You always need one more afternoon nap, but if you've taken a late lunchtime nap and didn't wake up until 2 or so, then you sometimes totally skip the late nap, making our evenings loooooong. You are just like your brother and I can't let you sleep before 7:45 - at all - or you will treat it as a nap and wake up at 9pm, ready to party.

You are finally sitting up on your own, just within the last couple of weeks (and hello, I'm almost three weeks late with this post, so you were just over six months when you got that down).  You absolutely have had the ability for weeks now, but you are so busybusybusy that you never sat still long enough to actually sit. The second we would sit you, you would dive out for whatever object was nearest to you. You are sooooo right on the verge of crawling, too. You are up on all fours, rocking, picking up a hand and putting it down, moving each of your knees forward individually - you just haven't put it all together yet. You always start to go, then just lean over on one of your hips and kind of rest there. But you get wherever you want to go by either spinning around in circles, doing a slow army crawl of sorts, or just kind of lunging forward and sliding.

Even though you are sweet as can possibly be, you are also just a tiny bit crazy. In fact, I tell you how wild and crazy you are several times a day. You are fearless, and attempt to dive out of my arms regularly. If I'm holding you and anything at all is within reach, you will 100% of the time grab it and throw it on the floor. You never, ever sit still, you are constantly trying to get ahold of things that you don't need. And you watch your brother like a hawk, and the crazier, rougher, wilder he his, the harder you laugh. Again, years of worry for mommy coming my way.

One thing that is absolutely hilarious is the way you show excitement. You get sort of still and stiff all over and then you start moving your little hands like crazy. The reason this is so funny is because your brother did the EXACT same thing as a baby, and he still does a version of it to this day, and I've never known another kid to do that. So there is something that your dad and I produce that makes kids have a hilarious, over the top reaction to excitement apparently.

Right now the things that you love most are Grayson (obviously), jumping in your jumper, "jumping" on the bed with Grayson, chewing on anything and everything, bath time, and the Hot Dog song from Micky Mouse Clubhouse - no matter what you are doing, if you hear this song your little head whips around and you stare at the TV intently before starting your excited hand moving thing. The only things that seem to upset you are getting dressed and diaper changes, because you are forced to stay still for more than two seconds, and when you can't have exactly what you want when you want it. Which basically means you fit right in with the rest of us ;)

Every day I think I can't possibly love you anymore, and then you prove me wrong. You truly bring me so much joy, and watching you and your brother develop a true relationship is making me a big puddle of emotions on a regular basis. I'm so very glad that you made your way into our family, and I just can't wait to watch you grow into the amazing little boy I know you're going to be. But don't grow too fast! You're too perfect of a baby to rush this part!


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