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Since A and I just bought our first house, are getting married (twice) in a couple of months, and are figuring out how to build a life together as a family, I thought it might be fun to chronicle our adventures along the way. Family and friends are spread out near and far, so this should be a somewhat simple way for everyone to stay involved. How about everyone else go ahead and start a blog so we can keep up with you as well? K, thanks.

 Somehow, (and I will never understand how this happened) A and I ended up living in the suburbs with our little dog Addie. For anyone who knows me, this is something that I absolutely never planned on doing. I'm talking about marriage, a house in Texas, a dog, all of it.  But life is funny, and one thing I have learned is there is NO way to predict what will happen. So here I am, living in a (quite wonderful) house in a suburb of Dallas with the love of my life and our little one. And I wouldn't trade it for anything!

So, if you would like, join us on our little adventure through life. I plan on adding photos of our house soon, perhaps a little before/after action?

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