It's Always Something

So I've learned that once you move into a house, you have zero down time. There is ALWAYS something that needs to be done. Not just the every day stuff like cleaning, laundry, all of that, but there are also a million little projects to complete. I'm currently in the middle of approximately 83 projects. Not really, but it feels like it.

The other night after a nice little walk, I decided to pull weeds in our front flower bed while Arsen went for a run. I've never really pulled weeds before, but I got some really cute gardening gloves the other day that I wanted to try out.

First of all, no one warned me that these gloves would get so dirty after one use. Also, no one informed me that pulling weeds is really hard. I was so sore the next day it felt like I had gone through a serious work out. But maybe I burned off my fast food dinner? There has to be an upside.

So here is the result of all of my hard work. I mean, my dad spent hours working on it and really getting out all of the big stuff that didn't need to be there, but I like to take credit.

I have no idea what this flower is, but I like it.

Addie spent the entire time I was outside laying by the front door crying because she was being left out of something. Obviously, since she's crazy, we can't let her outside without a leash. So when I got inside she decided it was time to play. This is how she tries to convince me.

After about 10 minutes of playing, she was over it.

What an exciting night, right? It's absolutely crazy, but I love it. Who knew I was meant to be domestic? I mean, I still don't love dusting or cleaning the bathroom, and I'm certainly no great cook, but I'm working on it. I even bought a magazine about cooking last week! I'm really growing up.

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