A Baby Shower! And no, NOT for me.

Where shall I even begin? The last few weeks have been tons of fun, and super crazy busy. A few days after my last post I hosted the first gathering in our house, which was a Baby Shower for my good friend Krisha! I wasn't technically the host of the shower, but since I had it in my house I wanted everything to be perfect. Of course it wasn't, because what is, but it was fun anyway! We had a pretty big crowd of girls, and I made everyone play all those cheesy baby-themed games.

 Guess How Big Mommy's Belly Is.....Always Fun. Is There Even a Baby in There? She's Tiny!

We Have a Winner!!!!

Hard At Work on the Word Search

And then of course we watched her open all her adorable gifts. I never truly understood exactly how many things you need when planning for a baby. Arsen and I went to Babies R Us and printed off her registry...21 PAGES!!! Unbelievable. To be fair, she did say that the lady told her to register for everything she could possibly need, so she wasn't being greedy ;)

I discussed with my mom this last weekend how I really hope I look like Krisha when I'm pregnant. Skinny all over with a tiny bump. Mom quickly informed me that this is NOT what women in our family look like when pregnant, so not to get my hopes up....ah well. 
One of the lovely ladies in attendance, Jillian, happened to be quite crafty. She made this gorgeous diaper cake herself, and brought these blank onesies for everyone to decorate. How freaking cute!

So I would say the first party in the new house turned out to be a success! It was so much fun having everyone over, although I don't think Arsen and Addie enjoyed being kicked out. I made them go visit Arsen's parents for a few hours.

  Arsen Made it Back Just in Time to Take a Photo For Us!

So when I started this post about, oh, 20 minutes ago (People.com keeps distracting me), I was planning on posting about everything that's happened up to my Bridal Shower this last weekend. However, I am very sleepy and have now decided my beauty sleep is more important. So to all of my loyal readers out there (Mom), you will have to wait....I'm such a tease! Goooooodnight!

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