Love & Marriage

We're coming up on six months of wedded bliss in a few weeks, and it's kind of unbelievable that it's been that long. Things have been wonderful/stressful/interesting/challenging/amazing....and more. Arsen and I had been together for three years by the time we were married, so I figured marriage wouldn't really change things all that much. But it kind of has. I think our first big challenge was dealing with the holidays. 

Thanksgiving wasn't too bad, but Christmas was an absolute nightmare. I seriously considered calling everything off completely and not seeing a single family member because it was so stressful. Not only do we have Arsen's parents, sister's family and brother's family here in Dallas, we have alllllll of my family in Oklahoma. My parents are divorced, so that equals two Christmases, but there are also my Grandparents, my mom's new husbands family, my dad's brother.....sigh. I believe all together we had seven Christmases in about four next year we're going to have to work on that in advance. We had a great time, and everything worked out perfectly, but goodness....

Addie LOVES Presents!

New Boots! Arsen is a wonderful gift giver :)

He's Just So Thoughtful

Dallas Cowboys Christmas Ornament.....Anything Cowboys is a Winner

Other than that, things have been pretty great! The main thing we have going on right now is working on the house. We've decided we want to stay in this house for several years, so now we're excited about all the things we want to fix up. Luckily the kitchen is completely upgraded, so that HUGE expense is something we won't have to worry about. We've got the stainless steel appliances, granite counters, nice floor, all that jazz. But in just about every other room in the house I can probably list at least five things I want to change. But honestly, I loooooove it. We had a three day weekend last week for President's Day, and I literally spent the entire three days pulling everything out of every closet we have, organizing it, getting rid of things, and re-organizing it in the closets. Pretty much the most relaxing/enjoyable weekend I've had in a long time. When did I turn into such a housewife? Unbelievable.

So, my goal is to start taking before and after photos of all of the things we work on. My problem is that I'm a bit scattered, and I get excited easily, so I've usually got about four projects going on at once, and when I come up with a good idea I start working on it immediately....usually about halfway through I realize I forgot to take my before picture. Hopefully I get better at that! 

Another goal....make a blog post more often than once every four or five months....

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