Makin' Changes

So something I've learned in the past few months is that as a homeowner there are always about 127 things that need to be updated or fixed or something. This might sound like a bad thing, but as a person who isn't so great at laying around and relaxing, this just means that I always have some project to work on. And something to try and convince Arsen to assist with...he loves it.

I have a list a mile long of things I want to do around here, but I thought I would share a few of the things that I (we) have accomplished so far. 

One of the first major things that I wanted to deal with was the fireplace. This picture is one that I took before the last guy moved out....I'm not sure that it's a great idea to post a picture with his stuff in it, but he had it in the online listing so....we're good.

I seriously HATED the gold fireplace screen. And the pink and white brick. Ugh. Our house is the same brick on the outside, but somehow it is just so much more hideous with that brassy gold accenting it. I decided to rip out the screen first, which Arsen did before we put too much though into it, so it just sat there not-connected for awhile. After a bit we decided to paint the brick, and we got a really pretty screen at Target. I'm still working on deciding exactly what to with it all, but I'm pretty pleased with how it's looking so far.

We also decided to pain the half bath downstairs. It was just so plain and white. We're still planning on having tile floors installed, but that may be a bit down the road. Here's what we were working with: 

Gross. So all we've done so far is paint the walls, change out the light fixture, and add a few decorations. But I think it's a pretty major improvement.

It's so amazing how much paint can change a room. I'm kind of obsessed with painting everything I can get my hands on now. I feel like Lowe's is my home away from home. We've also painted the front and back doors, but I'm waiting on a few more little adjustments before the big reveal...

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