A Semi-Productive Weekend

This past weekend was a good one. My mom came to visit from Wednesday until Monday, so we had some good mother/daughter time. And her husband came down Thursday and was a HUGE help! We've been wanting to get started on the nursery for awhile, and a couple weekends ago we got one wall painted...and that was it. Well, he was down here for a day and got the entire room painted, the new blinds hung up, and the new ceiling fan installed! I seriously don't know how he did it all so quickly. I mean, my mom helped, but I think he probably did most of the heavy lifting.

If you're wondering, Arsen was at work and I was working from home on Friday when they did all of this work, we weren't just being the most terrible, lazy people ever. But I'm pretty sure Arsen was quite relieved that Basil decided to do all the work on Friday when he conveniently couldn't participate...

Our practically new hand-me-downs from Arsen's sister! 

We decided to go neutral with gray walls so it will work boy or girl. Also, I'm thinking we most likely won't space our kids out too far, so if the next one is the opposite of whatever this one happens to be I didn't want to have to re-do everything. I really like how it turned out! I'm planning on going pretty bright with the bedding and everything, so I think it will look great!

On Saturday we went and picked out a crib and dresser to go in our beautiful new nursery, although we didn't make the purchase yet. Umm, baby furniture is expensive! Who knew? Luckily, Nana Vicki (my mom) plans on buying the crib for us, so that will be a huge help. She and I also went shopping that day to get me a few maternity tops. As you may have noticed if you saw my 16 week update, I've got a bit of a belly now. Since all I've been wearing is leggings, I needed more long shirts to go with those. So that was kind of fun. Although I felt like I had some sort of weird identity crisis when I saw the "Motherhood" tags in my new clothes...like, I'm actually going to be someone's mother? It made me feel old, what can I say. Happy-old, but still old.

We also had our first fire of the year! It wasn't even really all that cold, but it was fun. I made Addie pose with me for a photo....I tried to get Arsen in on a family photo, but he wasn't having it.

 Could I be any creepier?
Demon Eyes!

I must say, it was a pretty nice little weekend. Arsen and I have both been super overwhelmed and stressed at our jobs lately, so a good weekend was much needed. I hope we're just going through a little trial in our lives for some reason, cause it's getting old. But thankfully, this week is a short one! Two more work days, then off Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving! I'm excited to head to Oklahoma for a few days and visit family. If I'm not back before then, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Living the wall color! So cute! Congrats!

  2. Lol you are rockin the cute baby belly! Congrats again :)

  3. oh my goodness!! Ive been out on maternity leave and haven't read a single blog since I've been out, so I'm late catching up on everyone... Im SO excited for you!!! Babies are so fun & Arsen is so in trouble if it's a girl!

  4. I did Kenley's nursery gray too and I love it!


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