Weekends around our little household are a bit different these days. Less cocktails with friends, more movies on the couch in our sweatpants. But, a weekend is a weekend, and they are still my very favorite thing around.

Last weekend was actually a busy one for us. We went to Oklahoma for a Halloween party and an OSU game, and got to see friends and family while we were at it. It was more activity than I've participated in recently, and it was quite exhausting to be honest. But fun!

The Halloween party was at the home of my mom's husband's daughter...which technically would be my stepsister I suppose, but when you gain five step-siblings at the age of 27 calling someone your stepsister is just a bit strange. Anyhow, it was a super fun party and I'm glad we got to go this year. I think she said something like 150 people RSVP'd, so it wasn't a small party by any means. I spent most of the time hanging out in the kitchen with all the moms with tiny kids who didn't want to be out in the cold. Since I can't drink to warm myself up hanging out in freezing weather didn't sound all that enjoyable.

It was a costume party, so Arsen and I went last minute and got something to wear the night before we left town. I tried on several things and couldn't find anything I liked....why is everything so freaking tiny? Since I don't really have a belly yet I'm just at that starting to look a little chunky stage, and trust me, that is not cute in a skin tight costume. So I found a nice flowy Greek goddess outfit and Arsen was happy to be Casear since the costume was ridiculous.

My mom and her hubby went all out on their costumes...no surprise. My mom is pretty creative and very much an attention-to-details kind of lady...wish I was more like that. She even sewed extra ribbons and feathers and stuff onto their costumes and made little lacey things to go around her boots. Crazy lady. But it paid off! They looked great.

The next day we went to the OSU game. Tailgating is just one more thing that isn't quite the same when you're growing a tiny human, but it's still fun to get together and see everyone. We actually ended up going to the game for the first half, so we're considering it the baby's first OSU game. Yay! I got a little too tired (and hungry) to stay for the whole thing...the bag of popcorn in the picture below just wasn't cutting it.

This weekend won't be quite so eventful. I'm predicting a lot of lounging-in-sweats action. I'm hoping to be somewhat productive, since I've been such a huge slacker lately. I've already done most of the laundry, swept the floors, and loaded the dishwasher today...which is more than I've done in a week lately. So I think the rest of the night I deserve to eat several pieces of pizza, treat myself to the tiny amount of coke or pepsi I've been allowing myself, and watch all our DVR'd shows. Tomorrow we're planning on buying a few things for the house and meeting up with friends around 7 to watch the OSU game at Buffalo Wild Wings. Which means I get to be the DD for my slightly intoxicated hubby....lucky me!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing weekend! I know I plan on it :)


  1. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and have been the DD a many of times. Drunk people just aren't as fun unless you are right there with them.

  2. Look like a fun weekend! You look GORGEOUS. I hated that "I am getting bigger but don't look preggo yet" stage, I was so anxious to have a belly and actually look pregnant!


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