Watching Him Discover

Today has been a pretty typical day in my "new" life.  A lot of feeding, rocking, cuddling, etc. Moments that I wouldn't trade for anything. Grayson has started fighting his sleep A LOT for some reason. It's like he doesn't want to miss out on a minute of what's going on around him.

I had been rocking him in the living room for quite awhile and he just wouldn't give in. Every time I would sit him up to see if he wanted to play or look around, he would start fussing. But when I would lay him back down and start to rock him, he would jerk and spit out his pacifier and grunt and whine. I tried the swing. I tried it all. So finally I decided to just take him outside and sit in the swing. And he loved it.

The last few days here in Texas have been amazing as far as the weather is concerned. Normally this time of year you can expect temps well over 100, but it's been in the 80s/low 90s and feeling wonderful. So we sat outside for a good thirty minutes in the shade of the big tree in the backyard, just swinging. I sat him on my lap and let him look forward and he seemed to just be soaking it all in. After being quiet for awhile he started getting really chatty and cooing and squealing.

I started thinking that to him, every moment of his life pretty much is an exciting new experience. Today was the first time he has just sat outside and experienced the elements. It was his first time to feel the wind on his cheeks and the sun on his legs and to stare at the clouds and watch the leaves blow on the tree. No wonder he doesn't want to sleep, who can blame the kid? I imagine everything is so fascinating to him, and I'm sure overwhelming at the same time.

Watching him discover all of these new things is so fun for me as his mama. Seeing him turn into this curious little baby is the best experience ever. About a week ago he discovered that his hands make the best chew toys in the world, and they have been in his mouth almost non-stop since then. He's also started grabbing onto things a lot, like his blanket or little taggie things. He's also started squealing and we've even got a few giggles in the last couple of days.

I'm so enjoying every moment of watching him learn and grow, and I think it's going to be so much fun to view the world through his eyes as his gets bigger and more interested in his surroundings. Even though the days may feel a bit monotonous for me, I'm trying to remind myself that each day is an opportunity for him to learn and discover a little more.

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