A Whole Lot of Deliciousness {Texas Burrito Company Launch}

Last Thursday the husband** and I got the chance for a night out - minus little baby - in Dallas. Not only were we out on a real, live "date", but this date just so happened to involve lots of amazing food, beer, and ice cream. Now, I'll be honest with you, I've tried to get the hubs to attend several "blogger" functions with me over the past couple of years. And I always get a "Mmmm....nah thanks." But this time I mentioned that the event involved food trucks and free beer, and wouldn't ya know, suddenly he was more than willing to go! Funny how that works ;)

The event we were both excited to attend was the launch of Texas Burrito Company, the fourth food truck in the Two Trucks family. Not only did we get the chance to try out the amazing food (totally not exaggerating, it was delish), but we also got to sip on a couple of beers and enjoy a massive scoop of ice cream from their What's Da Scoop truck. I mean, Mexican food and ice cream? That might just be my idea of heaven.
We each got two tacos, and whew! They were spicy. Thankfully we had that ice cold beer to wash them down with. I tried the Hanger 9 and the Tejas, and A. had the Hanger 9 and Southfork (see the menu here and start drooling). They were all absolutely delicious, the ingredients were all super fresh, and my mouth is watering a little bit thinking about it. We rarely go to Dallas - that 30 minute drive is a killer, ya know - but I would do it for these tacos.

You're probably well aware of my obsession with Mexican food, so needless to say it would have been hard to disappoint me. Also, the ice cream was amazing. I got a "Cool, Calm and Collected", which was vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche, sea salt and crushed up nilla wafers, and it was so good. Might have to track that truck down again, too.

It was a super fun night, and I ended up running in to Sarah again, which was hilarious and unexpected. We hung out with her and her friend Desirae for quite awhile, and the husband really loved all the girl talk, I'm quite sure ;)
Anytime we get a night out without Grayson I always have a little bit of mommy-guilt going on, but I was actually able to relax and have a really good time (those beers may have helped), and I think stuff like this is so needed in a marriage once a little one is involved! Am I right or am I right?

Well, Happy Friday my friends....I hope you have a good one, and I hope I am able to return on the reg before too long. I miss you guys!

** So my husband has decided that he would like me to refrain from using his name on the blog from here on out. Since we have a super unique last name and his first name is pretty rare also (as is mine) when you Google his name everything that pops up is related to my blog. I think that's fab, but unfortunately he doesn't like the fact that all of the people in his work-world can find out literally everything about him in two seconds. SOOOO....no more using his name. 

Now, my dilemma: what do I call him? The husband, hubs, hubby....that's all going to get old real quick. I thought about the Armenian, but I felt that was slightly inappropriate? I'd like to use something consistently, but I'm just not that creative...so it's probably going to be A.

Also, I think the damage is probably done here....I'm not going back to the last couple hundred blog posts and deleting his name. But if this gives him peace of mind, then I'm all for it ;)

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