Planning G's First Birthday

This is kind of unbelievable to me, but in less than two months my baby will be ONE. How on earth the past 10 months have gone so fast is beyond me. I see this quote everywhere when people talk about motherhood: "The days are long, but the years are short", and man...I can see it. I absolutely adore every minute spent with this little guy, but some days do seem to last forever. And then I blink my eyes and he's another month older and I can't believe it.
So, needless to say, I should be in the full swing of the whole planning-a-first-birthday-party thing. But surprise, surprise, mama has been 100% preoccupied with all-things house related, and not a thing has been done. Oh, well, I started a Pinterest board. So there's that. 

At first I was thinking a vintage car theme, now I'm kind of leaning toward a vintage circus theme...maybe I'm really just into the whole vintage thing right now? No idea. The strange thing is I have kind of a circus-aversion and feel like the animals are probably horribly mistreated and I don't think I ever want to take my kids to a circus....but yet I think a circus themed party would be adorable. This is what it's like in my mind, people. We're all over the place.

So basically I haven't made even one tiny decision. Other than the fact that it will probably take place at our brand new house, because we're supposed to move in the end of this month!! Woohoo!!! Which would give me approximately one month to plan his party and get the house completely and totally in order...doable, right? Ahahaha, I just love how insane I am. It's great fun. Unrealistic goals? Sure, sign me up!

We also might be doing a two birthday party thing, much like the two wedding thing we did a few years ago. You know those Armenians love a good party, and the husband and I are both quite sure that we won't be able to accommodate the crowd in our house. So we may do a baptism/Armenian birthday party one day, and a regular ole' run-of-the-mill American birthday party another. Who knows. I'm sure we'll decide at the verylastminute. Just to make things interesting.

All I know is my child will most likely be incredibly spoiled, will most likely have a fabulous time with all eyes on him since he seems to love attention, and will probably lose his mind if I let him have a smash cake because he's literally had like two bites of sugar ever. So I'm going to try to convince my over-achieving, unrealistic-goal-setting, slightly psychotic self that no matter what happens it will be a beautiful day filled with love, which is all a little one year old boy needs.

That, and lots of toys of course. Little boys need toys


  1. I started planning T's first birthday a few months back because I knew I wouldn't have time during tax season to think about. I've been pinning like crazy (to a secret board of course). I'm thinking we are going with a ABC theme because our boy is obsessed with the alphabet. If he's fussy, we sing the alphabet, bed time routine involves his Dr Seuss ABC book and he sings/hums along to his giraffe that sings the ABC's also. Only seemed appropriate that his first birthday involved that also. I can't wait to see what you do for his first birthday...your right, no matter's a day filled with love which is all they really do need!!!

  2. I am a psycho.....I already have a private pin board for his birthday! What are some of G's favorite things? I call Ford Milkie so we are doing milk and cookies!


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