The First 14 Weeks

I can't believe that I'm here, writing pregnancy updates yet again. In some ways it feels like I just did this, and in others that feels like an entirely different lifetime - life BEFORE BABY. The first time around I had no idea whatsoever what I was getting myself into. This time around I like to think I'm slightly more prepared, slightly more wise, and slightly more calm. But I'm probably actually none of those things. 

The major difference between this pregnancy and the last is the fact that I have an insane toddler that I'm chasing around 24/7. I would say the exhaustion this pregnancy has been ramped up a bit, especially with a husband who now travels about 50% of the time, but on the plus side, my body seems to be handling things better this time around. Not having so many random aches and pains, which I guess means I'm just not having to stretch out as much this time. As my doctor put it, my body is like "Oh yeah, we've done this before". Thus the major baby bump you're about to see. It's definitely making an appearance a little quicker this time around! 

Anyhow, feast your eyes on comparison pics, as well as my very first Baby A #2 update! I'm starting at 14 weeks, although I'm actually 16 weeks 2 days right now ;) I'll catch up eventually! 

Due Date
October 17, 2015

This Week Baby A....
Can now squint, grimace, frown, pee (awesome) and maybe suck it's thumb! Baby is about the size of a lemon, around 3 1/2 inches and weighing in at about 1 1/2 ounces. (I'm cheating here and keeping the exact same update from the first time)

Feeling pretty good! I'm super duper exhausted, but I think that's to be expected when growing a human being and raising a toddler who has recently entered into what's so endearingly referred to as the "terrible twos". Weeks 5-10 I had horrendous morning sickness 24 hours a day, minus the throwing up. But since then things have been going pretty well! 

Weight Gain
O pounds - I'm starting out 2 pounds heavier than I did last time, and hoping for a bit less of a final weight gain than with G. Fingers crossed! 

Gender (prediction)
At this point with Grayson I said I was feeling boy, but with this baby I've got zero clue. Part of me is hoping girl so I'll have one of each and I can make A happy and say ok let's be done at two, but I don't really have a "feeling" one way or another. 

Food Cravings/Aversions
I'm just as awful as I was last time. Eating tons of pizza, cereal, and all other unhealthy things. I have randomly started craving Campbell's creamy chicken noodle soup, and was eating like a can a day for lunch when I decided to check the nutritional facts. OMG the sodium. So I've cut back on that. Other than that, I have been wanting chips constantly, and I am normally not a chip eater at all. I'll have a few with a sandwich, but can generally pass 'em up no problem. Now, if the thought of a chip crosses my mind I must have them like NOW. Especially the kettle cooked jalepeno cheddar. Yummmmm.


Surprisingly not so bad. Even more surprising when I admit to you that I have a two year old sleeping in bed with me every night. He starts in his bed, but when he wakes up after a few hours he comes right in mommy and daddy's bed. Aside from being woken up by random kicks to the ribs (and face some nights) I'm really sleeping pretty well. Must be that exhaustion. 

What I Miss
I cut out caffeine completely in the first trimester, and I would have killed for a thai tea with bubbles. Also would have killed for a coke. Now that I'm slowly bringing it back into the diet I'm better. The main issue is sushi, and the occasional longing for a bloody mary...

Daddy's Thoughts
He's definitely excited, although this time around we are talking about it less. Because so much of our energy is taken up with Grayson, I think we both kind of forget I'm pregnant. He has been SUPER overly helpful with Grayson and trying to let me take some down time when possible, so that's been amazing. 

Fun Moments
The bump officially popped at like 14 weeks on the dot. I like when that happens because it seems more "official". We also had a checkup at 14 weeks, and hearing the heartbeat always makes me feel 1000% better. Until I feel this little guy or gal kicking around in there I always need a lot of extra assurance that everything is going ok! 

Looking Forward To
Finding out what I'm having! I think I'm even more anxious this time around. I want to know so I know which way to get excited, which way to start planning, and so we can stop telling Grayson he will have a brother or sister and get him excited for whichever it will be! 


  1. So glad you are going to do updates again!!! Welcome to the journey of number's definitely goes by much fast than the first! Savor each moment!

  2. You are glowing! I'm so excited for y'all. Grayson is going to make a great big brother.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How did I completely miss the announcement?!?! Ahhhh I'm so excited for you! And for Grayson to be a big bro!


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