16 Weeks with Baby #2 :)

This pregnancy is flying by! I'm writing this (super) late again - I'm actually 18 weeks now, oops - but seriously, it's insane how quickly this is going. I am feeling great aside from being extra tired, but I think that's pretty much to be expected. 

The last couple of weeks I've been watching a 7/8 week old little guy that belongs to a friend of mine who just went back to work, and I was super interested to see how Grayson would react. Let me just say, I was incredibly pleasantly surprised. He LOVED the baby being here, loved helping me feed him bottles and change his diapers, bring me his paci and the burp cloth, and so on. Every day he was sad when he went home, and every morning he was so excited for "Baby Parker",as he called him, to get here. It made me so excited for our baby to get here because I just think he's going to be the best big brother. So stinking cute!

On to the update...

Due Date
October 17, 2015

This Week Baby A...
Is about the size of an avocado. His legs are more developed,  head is more erect, and he's even growing toenails. 

So far this pregnancy rocks compared to my last one, and my last one was pretty good. I'm not having near as many of the aches and pains that I did the first time around, I'm assuming because my body has done this before and isn't having to stretch out in new and crazy ways like it did with Grayson. 

Weight Gain
2 pounds

Gender (prediction)
Not leaning any particular way at this point :)

Food Cravings/Aversions
Here's a surprise: I want pizza a lot. And cereal. Apple Jacks this week. More than anything with this pregnancy I'm having a hard time remembering to eat, which hasn't been great for my energy levels. Working on remembering to snack every few hours and drink water. 

Since I'm writing this late, I can say that I officially started feeling the little one move at 16 weeks and 4 or 5 days. Since then baby's been super duper active!

Pretty good! Considering that I haven't had good sleep since I got pregnant the first time almost three years ago and have had a tossing and turning child in my bed ever since, I can't complain. 

Daddy's Thoughts
He's mainly been talking about how he wonders what it will be like to have two...and if he could ever possibly love another kid as much as he loves Grayson (from what I hear, it just magically happens ;))

Fun Moments
The belly really popped out there this week! Also, feeling baby kicking around in there is awesome. Definitely my favorite part of pregnancy, hands down.

Looking Forward To
Well....at this point I know what the little one is, BUT at 16 weeks I was still dying to know! 


  1. Grayson looks so adorable in that bottom picture!!! Can't wait to find out what you are having!!!

  2. His legs are more developed, head is more erect, and he's even growing toenails.

    I am going with BOY!

  3. I enjoy seeing these updates. Are y'all going to find out the sex? My sister is due on Halloween so she is just a little behind you. You look very much the same this time at 16 weeks as you were with Grayson. The best part is that you look super happy!


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