Grayson Says....

Grayson is talking like crazy these days, and he is seriously so funny. I was just talking to my mom about some of the funny things he's said just today, and we agreed that I need to be writing them down or I'll forget. Here are just a few of the cute little sayings he's stuck on lately.
"Mommy, not wooooorkiiiiing" - Anytime anything doesn't immediately do what he wants.

"Let's see here" - walking around looking at toys trying to choose one, shopping in the store, basically anytime he pauses and needs something to fill the silence.

"Appletoss, Applepeepee, Applepoopoo, Appleteetee, AppleANYTHING" - For forever now Appletoss (applesauce) has been his go to word, but he's been getting creative with it lately. This is his go to anytime he's just jabbering with nothing to say.

"NOW what?" - Kind of being replaced by "Let's see here..."

"No Wait!" - This was tonight as I was reading him a book before bed. He said this, put his finger on my lips, then started reading letters off the page.

"Like ALLLLLL dat" - Anytime I ask him to choose between something.

"Need cough aden!" - He's had a runny nose and a little cough the past few days, and he gets sooooo excited to take his medicine he does a little dance before he gets it. He tells me he needs his medicine at least 12 times a day.

"Need to go to the Goc-tor!" - After his two year check up he decided that he really likes his pediatrician (who is the greatest) so now he needs to go to the doctor alllll the time for every tiny little thing that happens.

"Go avay fly! Go avay!" or "Go avay bug!"....or "Go avay!" basically any other thing that crosses his path that he doesn't like.

"Come GIIIIT me!!!" - he says this anytime he sees a cop car on TV, so I'm wondering who told him that the cops were going to come get him.

"123GO!!!!" - Racing is his new favorite thing to do, even if he's "racing" himself.

"Ooh, dat's a WET biaper!" - whenever I take his diaper off he always feels the need to comment on it now. Apparently this is something I say a lot haha :)

"Mommy, warch! Mommy warch!" - He really needs me to watch every. single. thing. he. does.

"Warch big gucks!!" - He's OBSESSED with watching these little cartoon videos on Youtube that are basically just trucks and cars being put together piece by piece. Monster trucks, police cars, ambulances, sports cars, etc., etc. Cars are so his thing right now.

"Oooooh, BIIIIIIG guck!!!!" - In the car, anytime we pass any type of big vehicle.

"No go seep!" - anytime I do anything that reminds him in any way of our bedtime routine.

Another couple of mommy bragging things that I want to remember: He can identify most of the upper case letters of the alphabet by sight - we've been reading the Dr. Seuss ABC book every day at nap time and bedtime and he's got them all down other than J, which he calls jam, L, V, and Y. He can also count to 10, although getting him to do it on command isn't easy. You have to ask him to count his fingers to trick him into it. It also appears that he knows his numbers by sight, because we've asked him to point to specific ones and he's gotten it right for the most part. It's kind of tough with him because he doesn't like to let us know what he knows, so it's requiring some trickery on my part to figure out what he actually does know. I've heard that can be common with boys.

He repeats EVERYTHING we say, and puts his own little spin on most things and makes them hilarious. He can tell me everything that he wants, what he doesn't like, and so on. The minute he wakes up he starts with "Mommy, let's goooo. Go now! Waffles! Waffles AND Pancakes! Let's goooo!" and then he doesn't stop pretty much all day long. I've noticed that we are carrying on actual conversations most of the time, and it's so fun to see what he comes up with. He's pretending now and making up stories for what his toys are doing. He's like an actual human now, and it's so stinking cute to see him grow and learn.

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