18 Weeks With Baby #2

Well, I most definitely did not keep up with things as planned, but I mean, really....who's surprised? I'm just proud that after a child that took over an hour to fall asleep and a husband that has needed more care than normal because he's under the weather that I even managed to show up and do it at all tonight! This poor neglected 2nd child. The blog updates are just so much harder to get to this time around... 

So, in all actuality as of today I am 21 weeks 3 days into this pregnancy, so yeah...just a little bit behind :) But I must say, this pregnancy so far has been awesome. I was fully prepared for a really rough time since the first time wasn't too bad, but it's been even better than with Grayson for the most part. Aside from the fact that I am becoming quite huge at a rapid rate....that I could do without ;) 

Anyway, on to the update! 

Due Date
October 17, 2015

This Week Baby A....
Is about the size of a bell pepper at around five and half inches and five ounces. The most fun thing about this week is that the baby is developing yawning and hiccuping skills :) 

This was a rough week for me, simply because I had what my chiropractor referred to as a "full muscle spasm" in one side of my back. I actually had to call my mom on the phone from another room to have her come get me off the floor because I literally couldn't move. It was crazy. Luckily, the hubs drove me in to the chiropractor a couple hours later and he tortured me until it started getting better. Two days later and I was pretty much feeling normal again. Other than that, things have been great! I started feeling baby kick at 16 weeks and 4 or 5 days (can't remember exactly) and they've been going crazy in there ever since!
Weight Gain
5 pounds

We went in at 16 weeks 6 days because I COULD NOT HANDLE THE ANTICIPATION....aaaaaaaand 
I will not lie to you, I had secretly convinced myself it was a girl, so I had a couple hours of shock and disbelief and ohmygodyou'rekiddingme going on, but when I woke up the next morning I felt great about it. And now, I'm totally pumped and can't wait for Grayson's new BFF to arrive!

Food Cravings/Aversions
Bacon cheeseburgers! That is the one thing I absolutely, positively HAD to have this week. 

Tons and tons of little movements. When I went in for my 20 week ultrasound the ultrasound tech told me that I have a posterior placenta, and last time I had an anterior placenta, meaning that I had an extra layer of cushion that prevented me from feeling the kicks as strongly with Grayson. And OMG are these kicks strong already. I'm nervous for when we get closer to the end, because even with G I remember those being INTENSE.
Aside from the aching back keeping me up for those few nights, I really can't complain. I'm not uncomfortable in general yet, although I am getting up at least twice to pee. 

Daddy's Thoughts
He was super excited about another boy! I think he of course wants that whole "Daddy's little girl" thing, but he said he immediately was excited for Grayson and to have another little man in the house. 

Fun Moments
Well obviously finding out what we are having was amazing. And feeling him kicking around constantly is by far, hands down my favorite thing about being pregnant. I would be pregnant 15 times just to feel that (although I would never actually do anything remotely that insane).

Looking Forward To
Choosing a name!!! Daddy is not a fan of my top three picks, and I can't even imagine naming him something other than one of those three. He hasn't shot my ideas down, but he's definitely not pumped about them. Soooooo....I just can't wait until we can give this little guy a name! For some reason a name makes things so much more "real" to me.


  1. Being a boy mom is the best! I thought Ryan was a girl and was sad. However. Now that they're older and they can play and share secrets and get into trouble together. I wouldn't change it! There's something so sweet about brothers ya know? I always tell them, your brother is your best friend for life. He'll always protect you and defend you. :):)

  2. Congrats on adding another BOY to your family! That is so exciting!!! Grayson and baby boy #2 will be best of buds :)

  3. Congrats on a BOY! We are right there with ya!


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