24 Weeks With Baby #2

Alright, I'm almost caught up! I'll be 26 weeks tomorrow, and I'm doing my 24 week post today. If I can just get this weeks update posted before next Saturday I will call that a success...we shall see ;) 

Things are chugging along over here, and obviously time is flying since I can't even find the time to post a simple update! I am loving this pregnancy. Loving. It. I had a really good pregnancy with Grayson, or at least it wasn't near as bad as some of the horror stories that I've heard, but this pregnancy has been so great! Of course I had that horrendous 24/7 nausea thing this time around, but that was for like a month, and the rest of the time it has been pretty dang pleasant. Fingers crossed it continues this way until the end. A girl can dream, right?!

Due Date
October 17, 2015

This Week Baby A...
Is  just growing and growing...he weighs almost 1 1/2 pounds! His sense of hearing is getting stronger, and his little face is filling out. He's also got eyelashes, eyebrows and hair by this point. We've got a real live baby in there, people! 

Ya'll, I just read through my symptoms at 24 weeks with Grayson and can I just say, THANK YOU dear Lord above for making things easier on me this time! With G at this point I had carpal tunnel, my fingers and wrists were swelling all the time, I was starting to have a lot of pain in the bottoms of my feet, and I was having a hard time getting comfortable to sleep at night (all of which continued throughout my entire pregnancy). Right now with baby #2, my symptoms are - hmm, sometimes I get tired if I forget to sit down for six hours or don't eat for half the day. My back gets sore if I'm super active. And indigestion most nights. But dang, I'll take it! (please, please don't let me be jinxing myself, please please!) 

Weight Gain
According to the doctor's scale, 12 pounds. Just a hair under where I was last time. I'm fine with it. I'm pretty sure I'm just not going to be the girl that goes through her entire pregnancy gaining 20 pounds, and that's alright. My horrible eating habits would never allow it. 

Baby Boy #2! 

Food Cravings/Aversions
Nothing new here! I honestly can't think of anything that I've just HAD to have lately. 

OH, he's quite a mover. We've still got some long stretches of inactivity throughout the day, but when he moves he really moves. My stomach is already doing that weird alien thing where I can see him moving from the outside. He's going nuts right now as I'm typing (could have been that bubble tea with all that caffeine I just had, oops!) I have to say, I love it. 

Not as great as it has been, but still pretty good! Waking up usually twice a night now to pee, but as far as comfort goes I'm feeling good. 

Daddy's Thoughts
Getting more excited every day. I think we both remember how quickly this last little bit flies by, so we're talking about him more and more like he'll be here any day. We are both super excited to see Grayson with him. Thinking about G meeting him for the first time makes me want to cry happy tears already! 

Fun Moments
Painting the nursery, yaaaayyy!! Well, Daddy painted the nursery, but I was a great source of support I'm sure ;) I also got everything that isn't baby related out of the room, gave the entire room a good cleaning, and hung up all of the wall decor that I've got so far. It's starting to come together and I love it so far! I'm going with a completely different look than Grayson's room, so it's been fun to do something totally new. 

Looking Forward To... 
Finishing up the nursery, finalizing a name (gah, come on Daddy), and the baby shower, or "sprinkle", that my sweet friend has offered to throw next month! I wasn't sure about a shower for a second baby, but she said she thinks every baby needs to be celebrated, which I totally agree with, so we are going for it! Side note, this same friend has a little girl six months younger than G and is due with a baby boy about three weeks after I'm due with baby #2, so we are apparently all about being pregnant together :) 

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  1. I'm excited to hear what Grayson's baby brothers name will be.


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