28 Weeks With Baby #2

Well, hello third trimester! You showed up quite quickly this time around! I can't believe we're already just 12 weeks (or so) away from meeting this little guy. Last week we spent the week at the beach for our last vacation as a family of three, which was pretty much the perfect thing for a 7 month pregnant woman. I basically laid on a lounge chair under an umbrella reading magazines on the beach while the husband played with Grayson in the waves and building sand castles. Peeerfection. 

OK, so now it's time for an update! Let me tell you, looking back on my updates from last time is certainly a great way to appreciate how awesome this pregnancy is going. Cannot complain one bit, I must say. 

Due Date
October 17, 2015

This Week Baby A...
is the size of a Chinese cabbage. He's almost 2 1/2 pounds and around 16 inches...which explains how he's causing so much ruckus in my tummy these days. He's also blinking, coughing, and sucking. Like a real human baby! 

Still feeling really, really good! I'm more tired than usual, and definitely much lazier than I like to be...but other than that I'm not having any of the usual symptoms. Sometimes I just feel incredibly full - not like, full of food, but I guess just full of baby. I have a hard time bending to pick things up, and it's getting harder to carry Grayson around, which makes me sad. But most of the time I don't even feel all that pregnant, aside from the insane amounts of movement going on inside of my belly ;) 

Weight Gain
At my doctor's appointment this morning I was at 18 pounds gained. Last time I had gained 20 at this point, so I'm gaining a little slower, but I feel like I look a lot larger this time around. Maybe it's settling in different places this time? No idea. But whatever, gaining less weight makes me happy. 

Mama's Boy #2 

Food Cravings/Aversions
Pretty much nothing specific. Sweets. Cereal. Chocolate. As far as actual food goes, every day is different, and I rarely can think of anything that I just really want. 

This kid is non-stop! He's already moving so much that my stomach looks like there's an alien moving around in there. He doesn't really have any specific times that he moves a lot, it's pretty sporadic throughout the day. He is super low though, so it feels like he's either head butting or river dancing on my bladder most of the time. My doctor informed me today that every baby rides a little lower than your first, and he is most definitely low, but nothing abnormal. But looking at my comparison pics above you can definitely tell how much lower he is than G was! 

Still good! My body isn't sore at all so far, unless I'm super active that day, so most nights I'm sleeping really good as long as I've got a pillow to put between my knees. That's pretty much the only thing I need for a comfortable night it seems. 

Daddy's Thoughts
We've been having a lot of good chats about how excited we are lately and how fun it will be to have another sweet little baby in the house. We're both a little apprehensive to see how things will be once he arrives - just if we will feel the same as we did with Grayson right away, how G will react, and whatnot. I'm quite sure we'll both fall head over heels in love as soon as we lay eyes on him, so I'm not too concerned :) And I know Grayson will be an amazing big brother, which makes my heart want to burst just thinking about it. 

Fun Moments
Well, obviously the beach was amazing. We also did maternity photos on the beach, and I can't WAIT to see those. Grayson looked freaking adorable in the little outfit I had him in, and A looked handsome as always. I'm hoping I didn't look too swollen or tired, but if I did I guess that captures pregnancy in it's truest form, right? 

Looking Forward To... 
My baby "sprinkle", which is just about three weeks away. I've also got several things I want to order from Etsy, like his going home outfit and G's outfit for that day, his name banner to go over his bed (once we choose the name!), a mobile for his crib, and so on....and shopping makes me happy, so that's all fun for me. Also looking forward to our hospital tour in a few weeks - I don't know much about the hospital I'll be delivering at, I would deliver pretty much anywhere in order to do so with the OBGYN I'm using this time. But I'm still curious! It looks nice from the outside, so that has to count for something, right? My to-do list is growing by the minute, and I know three months will pass in a flash, but really I'm looking forward to every minute of it - especially meeting this sweet boy once he arrives! 

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