36 Weeks With Baby #2

One month baby!!! Give or take :) I'm really, really starting to hope he comes at least relatively close to his due date. I'm still feeling really good, but man am I tired! I need my energy back to deal with the crazy toddler in my house, and I don't think that's gonna happen until I pop this baby out. So if I could avoid going much past my due date that would be FAB. 

Due Date
October 17, 2015

This Week Baby A...
is over 6 pounds! Most of his systems are ready to go, although digestion doesn't technically start until his first meal on the outside. Most of his bones and cartilage are still soft to allow for an easier delivery. He's pretty much the real deal now, basically a full grown baby! 

Umm, I'm tired. So tired. I honestly have a hard time staying awake a lot of times during the day. Other than that not too much going on. This kid is crazy, so the movements can be uncomfortable from time to time. His head (I'm guessing) feels like it's right in my pelvis, so the pressure is kind of intense. But OMG when I compare to what I was dealing with last time, this is NOTHING. 

Weight Gain
I'm up 27 according to the doctor's scales, which I will happily take. At this point last time I was up 31, so I'm definitely doing better this time. But I think it was the swelling last time that made such a difference...you can really tell in the pics this week how much more swollen I was last time around! 

Little Man :)

Food Cravings/Aversions
I have been baking like crazy, so eating lots of sweet baked stuff. I'm getting full super easy these days, so not eating too terribly much at all. Drinking lots and lots of water, which is good. 

He's still insane. Like, this kid is so crazy I can't get over it. According to my update with G from 36 weeks he had calmed down a lot, but not this one. I'm seriously getting nervous about his energy levels when he arrives...should be interesting! 

Sleep is still pretty good for the most part. I'm tossing and turning a little bit more, but I typically get a good three or four hour stretch in before I wake up to flip around and visit the bathroom. I'm a little more restless from that point on, but seriously, not too bad. 

Daddy's Thoughts
He's feeling anxious to find out about what he'll look like, what his personality will be like, and how Grayson will treat the baby. He's also excited to have two boys - this is basically a direct quote, I actually just asked him :) 

Fun Moments
Nothing too terribly exciting going on around here these days. We went to Oklahoma over the weekend for a quick day trip and got to see several family members. I did make my to-do list today, and it is loooong. I feel like we've got most everything done but I JUST realized how very wrong I am...so in two weeks there should be more activity in this "fun moments" paragraph. 

Looking Forward To... 
Umm, his arrival? I've been having super realistic dreams about him lately, and I just can't wait to hold him in my arms and kiss his little cheeks! I think because he feels so HUGE in my belly it's making him seem so "real". Can't wait until he's here! 

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