34 Weeks With Baby #2

Six weeks until my due date!!! Which means I should have a little bebe boy in my arms in the next two months, at the longest. I'm getting so excited to meet this guy, and I cannot wait until Grayson becomes a big brother. 

We got some not so great news at my appointment at 32 weeks. Baby boy was breech, which could really mess with my plans for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). My doctor didn't seem to be too concerned, and he will deliver a breech baby vaginally, which most doctors won't even attempt. He's kind of a rockstar OBGYN, which is why I'm driving almost an hour to see him and deliver with him. However, I really, really didn't want to complicate things, so I immediately started doing everything in my power to flip the baby. I started seeing a chiropractor three times a week, and also doing Spinning Babies stuff at home. I seriously spent two weeks doing everything I possibly could to get him head down, and at my 34 week appointment we found out it worked!! Somehow he flipped and is now head down! So we are (hopefully) good to go!!!

Due Date
October 17, 2015

This Week Baby A...
is almost 5 pounds! His fat layers are filling him out, which will help regulate his body temp when he makes his arrival. His central nervous system and lungs are continuing to develop, and if he were to make his arrival even this early he would most likely be good to go! He feeeels like a full grown baby in there these days, let me tell ya. 

Well, I made it until just about 34 weeks this go around before I started feeling super pregnant. I think I can officially say the pregnancy symptoms have kicked in - not that I'm complaining, it's been great so far! A few days this week I've had semi-swollen feet, some back pain, feeling tired for sure, and my joints are swelling, which means I officially had to quit wearing my wedding ring most days...booooo. 

Weight Gain
I kind of panicked because I weighed on my mom's scales one night and it showed that I was up 27 pounds, which was like a four to five pound gain in two weeks - but at my doctor's appointment it showed that I'm only up 24 total, so that was a relief! 

Sweet Baby Boy- at least I sure hope so! I've had a couple dreams that it ends up being a surprise girl, but if I remember correctly I had the same dreams with G. 

Food Cravings/Aversions
Still not craving anything, but I have been super hungry this past week, which is strange compared to the last time at this point. Mexican food has been sounding pretty good, which it hasn't up until this point, so things seem to be changing a bit. Hopefully the appetite dies down a little so I don't gain a ton this last 6-8 weeks! 

This kid is a mover. I figured out that the reason he was in my bladder constantly is because he was breech, so his feet were literally constantly kicking me in the bladder. Now that he's flipped head down it's not as terrible, but he's still super low and I occasionally get some serious head butts going on down there. But OMG there is so much activity going on in there, and he's so big now, I feel like he may actually break out of there before too long. He's crazy! 

Still not terrible. I'm having a tiny bit of hip pain some nights, so I toss and turn more. But other than that it's not bad. I really only have to get up once to pee most nights, and I'm still falling asleep pretty easily. Can't complain! 

Daddy's Thoughts
We have a lot of talk going on about what this baby will look like, act like, etc. It's such a different experience doing it a second time around, because now we're just comparing everything to Grayson instead of having no idea what's going on. We have agreed we hope he sleeps better and cries MUCH less than G did, but hope that he's got his silly personality :)

Fun Moments
Not a whole lot of excitement lately. We're pretty much ready for him to make his arrival at this point, so there's not a lot of planning or shopping or anything too crazy fun. I did buy Grayson and the baby their first matching PJ pants, which is pretty freaking adorable if you ask me. I probably won't do much matching stuff, but PJs seem like something you almost have to do. 

Looking Forward To... 
Umm, my DUE DATE. I know there are no guarantees, and I know he will probably be late since I'm not going to be inducing or anything this time around, but still....I'm super ready for October 17th to be here! 

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  1. Have you announced his name yet? I wasn't sure if you had and I missed it.


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