Gavin - Seven Months

Well, he's done it again. He's made me think that this is my favorite month with him. Sweet Gavin is still the best baby on earth, pretty sure, but he's starting to sprinkle a little bit of mischievousness and stubbornness in with all the sweetness. But honestly, it's just making him even more fun! It is so hilarious how different my boys still are, and I swear at least once a day we're like "It was SO different with Grayson!". They are equally amazing and precious, but they are night and day in personality and temperament. Since I'm almost a MONTH late with this (I know), I'm going to do my best.

My Gavin,

Man oh man, your mama is obsessed with you. There's just something about you that makes me melt into a puddle of love anytime you look me in the eye. You really have the sweetest way about you - even your little baby coos and chatter are sweet. Unless it's loud. Then it is LOUD. That is one thing you and your brother most certainly have in common. You've started "singing" a lot. When you're sleepy, after I'm done nursing you, sometimes in the car - you start making the sweetest little melodious sounds and it is so adorable. But then you usually top it off with some insanely loud yells, just to make sure I'm not too enamored I'm sure ;)

You're starting to make me think your Papaw may have been on to something this whole time, because you my friend are a little bit ornery. You are into EVERYTHING. You are pulling up on EVERYTHING. You are trying to climb the stairs and crawl on top of your activity table, for crying out loud. Your favorite thing to get ahold of is any electrical cord you can find, and also tiny things that you find on the floor and shove in your mouth before I can stop you. You are also quick. So quick. If you see something, you've got it in your tiny hands before I even realize what's happening. Anytime you're in anyone's arms anywhere near something you can grab, it goes straight to the floor. And you do it with such a nonchalant look, like "What? Was that cup not supposed to go crashing to the floor? Oh, didn't know."

Right now your favorite thing in the entire world to get in your paws is a plastic water bottle. Seriously, I wish I cold capture the face you make on camera, because the only way to explain it is PURE EXCITEMENT AND OVERWHELMING JOY. Your mouth opens as wide as it can and all your tiny teeth show and your eyes get wide and light up and you cling onto it so hard that you shake. It's hilarious. Nana said you're just like a puppy dog because Addie always loved water bottles. She also thinks you're like a puppy dog because no matter how mad you are about something, the second your attention is on something else you're back to open mouthed smiles and eyes wide with joy. In a word, you are HAPPY.

You still are not technically crawling, although you are. I've seen you do it multiple times, all the way across the living room into the kitchen once, but your preferred method of transportation is weird army crawl/body dragging/froggy leg. You typically crawl until you need to go fast, then you drop down and drag. And again, you are quick. You can drag that little body of yours across the room in a flash. Your favorite thing to do lately is spot something you want but know you shouldn't have, then look at me and squeal until you've got my attention. Once I'm looking, you drag/frog your way over to it as fast as you can, squealing and giggling the whole way until I catch you - and then you giggle some more. Like I said, a bit ornery.

I think Daddy's favorite thing about you is that you're a bit of a daredevil. Nothing scares you, which terrifies Mommy. You'll climb anything, dive off of anything - although you're usually somewhat cautious about it -  and you let Daddy toss you into the air and you just smile and squeal in delight. He LOVES it. Grayson has never let him do it, he's always grabbed onto Daddy's arms so he can't toss him, so he's having a blast tossing you around - again, terrifying Mommy. So I think you and Daddy are going to have LOTS of fun getting into things that Mommy doesn't necessarily approve of...

Your brother and you are starting to have fun playing together. He's BIG into pretend play right now, so you're his doctor's assistant a lot, sometimes you're an animal - baby tiger, mainly - but most of the time you're just driving him crazy and making him yell at you because you're TOUCHING HIS STUFF!!! And he gets mad and growls at you like a tiger, because that's what Grayson does when he's mad, and you smile and giggle and think you're totally in on it all together as some fun game. I keep telling him he better stop being mean and taking toys away from you, because when you're big enough to do it to him I'm not going to stop you. One of the only things that truly makes you mad is when Grayson takes your toys. That will get an angry scream quicker than just about anything. This sibling thing is so fun for me to watch, even when it isn't all happiness. I love the bond you guys are already developing.

The only other things that make you mildly unhappy are diaper changes - which you typically just flip over and run away from (fun for me, thank you) - being put to sleep when you aren't just passing out from exhaustion, being pulled off of or away from something you're attempting to climb, and being told no, because you totally know what it means already and sometimes protest loudly when you hear the word. Oh, and it also makes you mad when anyone other than mommy has you if you are tired or grumpy in any way. Mama's boy #2, and I'll gladly take it - although it gets a little tricky when both of you guys need me to hold you and I'm the only one that will work. Maybe you'll keep me somewhat fit this way.

You still don't care for food much, although if I let you lick some of my food off my spoon or give you a teensy bite you're into it. If it's your baby food, no thanks. This is one more way that you and your brother are alike. We're still not super routine with anything, but you typically eat every three, maybe four hours most days, and nap once a couple hours after you wake up, once early afternoon around noon or one, and again anywhere from three to 4:30. Bed time is usually 7:45-8:15, and you're even sleeping in your crib pretty good! Wahoo!

You had your top two teeth break through around 7 1/2 months, and that was rough. Four days of fever and horrible sleeping and misery - for all of us. Thankfully they finally pushed through and now you've got two cute little gapped teeth just like your sweet brother. I love seeing the little similarities between the two of you.

We've been traveling back and forth to Oklahoma quite a bit, and you are a dream of a traveler for a tiny guy. You usually sleep most of the time, and if you're awake you're usually ok, playing with toys or laughing at Grayson - unless it's at the end of a long drive and you're hungry/wet/tired of being in the car. Then it's a pretty miserably loud trip until we get there or pull over and fix it for you. But you'll sleep wherever you are, you let everyone hold you and pass you around, even if you don't really know them, and you're content to just hang out for the most part. We went to a birthday party last weekend and were there for about five hours and I'm pretty sure you didn't cry or even make an unhappy sound once. Such an easy peasy little guy. You're definitely my sucker baby, because I just know I won't ever get another one as good as you!

If it isn't obvious, I absolutely adore you. Adore adore adore. I love just looking into your little eyes and staring at you. You either jabber or yell or coo at me real soft, and I just imagine all the things you're trying to say. I remember doing this with your brother, wondering what type of little boy he would turn out to be, and he's better than I could have ever even dreamed. I think having gone through this experience with him makes it all the sweeter with you, because I know how amazing it is to watch a tiny baby develop into a hilarious and sweet little boy, and I can't wait to see who you are. I love you so so much, baby boy.

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