Thankful Thursday

I'm back! Two weeks in a row of thankful posts, people - I've impressed myself, I must say. Maybe I'll become a semi-almost-kinda-regular blogger now that I've got a little "me time" every week! Let's not get carried away though - my track record doesn't exactly support this theory.

But I am excited to be back this week with another Thankful Thursday post. I'm reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts right now and it really has me thinking about all the millions and millions of things I should be thankful for every single day. There are SO MANY good things in life, so many things to be happy about and to bring us joy - taking this time to share some of them with the internets is really making a difference for me personally. I've also started my own list in a notebook at home, much like she did, and it's crazy the little things you start noticing when you take the time to write down all the goodness in life. Anywho - on to my list for the week!

1. Music

I have loved music since I was in my mama's belly - seriously, she says when she would switch from one type of music to another she could tell what I liked, because the rock music station always made me go crazy. She mistakenly thought this meant I didn't like it, but by the time I was in elementary school it was clear that this was my FAVE - much to her and my country loving dad's disappointment, I'm sure. So I was probably just dancing my little baby heart out in there. Just a guess.

Anyway, music is the number one way I can get myself to feel some feels. I'm kind of a strange person, in that I get super emotional about things like hurting children and homeless people and all the horrors of the world, but things in my own life I'm kind of distant from. So to get myself to really feel something, music is the way to do it. I kind of wrote a little about that in my post on Tuesday, about how music is helping me on this God-journey that I'm on. And today, I am super, super thankful for amazing music of alllllll kinds. Because I love it all.

2. Delicious Food

I think I hover on the verge of a serious food addiction. I love love love love to eat good food. The fortunate/unfortunate thing is that so does my husband. So while it's awesome that we get to eat yummy things all the time, it's also TERRIBLE for our bank account. We eat out just a ridiculous amount, but we seriously love it. He was just off work for four days (Hallelujah!)  and we ate out like 17 times. And it was awesome. I am so very thankful that there is such delicious food in this world - but I kind of wish maybe I wasn't SO thankful for it, knowwhati'msayin?

3. Modern Conveniences

Of course I'm thankful for this lovely MacBook I'm typing on, and I love my iPhone and our TV and whatnot, but I'm mainly thinking of all the things that it takes to make me a decent looking human. Totally not saying that to be self-deprecating or whatever, but seriously, the maintenance it requires is a bit much. I am so thankful for eyebrow waxes and spray tans and highlights and makeup and contacts - and while we're at it, braces and skin creams and all the things that I needed in my youth. Super shallow and superficial it may be, but goodness, I would have been a much different looking person if I were alive 100 years ago! Anybody with me on this? Thank the Lord for things that make me feel pretty (insert crying-laughing emoji guy here).

4. Dreams

I have a love/hate relationship with my dreams. Not the dreams I dream at night, although those can be kind of cray, not gonna lie. The dreams I dream for myself, for my future, for my family, for my kids. I posted on Instagram earlier this week a little about this. I have SO many things I want to do, but I'm taking a hands-off approach lately. I'm not moving until I feel like God is nudging me to move. I actually prayed a few weeks ago for all my ideas and dreams to stop for awhile, because if you know me (or have read this blog for long), you know I am full of dreams upon dreams and ideas upon ideas and it is just SO MUCH. It's overwhelming. And it's kind of debilitating, because there's too much and I don't know where to start or what to do. And it totally worked - this was one of the times I know that God heard me, because he absolutely answered. My brain that nevernevernever stops churning out ideas just stopped. Slammed to a halt. So now, I'm asking for the right dream, the right plan - and I feel like I've been getting hints as to what the right dream for now may be. And hopefully that means God is going to take that dream and turn it into an actual plan and maybe it will actually become a reality. How crazy would that be? Can't wait to see what happens.

So there you have it! As always, would love for anyone who stumbles upon this little blog post of mine to share their thankful things with me - and I hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the week!

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