Grayson's Newborn Photos

Like probably 99% of women out there who plan on having a baby I've known since before I was pregnant that I would want to do newborn photography. All the billions of adorable newborn photos popping up in my Pinterest feed while I was pregnant definitely helped reinforce the fact that we HAD to have them done. Arsen really didn't think it was necessary, but like most of the things I obsess over, he eventually gave in.

I kind of left things to the last minute and I didn't start researching photographers until early March. I  never found anyone I just felt like we had to use, so of course it started stressing me out a bit. Luckily, at my first baby shower I was gifted with a newborn photography session from Arsen's sister, mom and sister-in-law. Talk about a relief! They took all the work out of it for me. All I had to do was call the photographer after Grayson was born and schedule the appointment. Which Arsen handled for me. So I literally did pretty much nothing, which was perfect.

The photographer they chose was seriously like a baby whisperer. Anytime Grayson would start to stir or fuss a little bit, he would use all of these crazy tricks to get him to pass right back out. We've actually taken a few of his little tricks and we use them when he's screaming like a maniac at night sometimes. He came to do the photos in our house, which was great since he was still so tiny and we weren't getting him out at that point, and I was able to just throw on mine and Grayson's clothes at the last minute when the guy got here to avoid any disasters. He really seems to enjoy spitting up, peeing, or even sometimes pooping on both of us. Aren't babies just so sweet?

We just got the photos back last week, and I LOVE them. I can't believe how much he's changed already in just a few weeks, and I'm so glad I'll always have him frozen in time at just 13 days old. He's such a gorgeous little man and I love all of his sweet little faces. Plus, the family photo with Addie just melts my heart. If you're expecting, I highly recommend doing newborn photos....oh, and he did a slide show for us that brings everyone that watches it to tears. I honestly still haven't watched it all the way through because I can't get more than halfway through the song without breaking down. The song he used...good Lord. You can listen to it on YouTube here. If you're a mama, grab some tissues beforehand.

And if you're in the DFW area I 100% recommend Steve with Poetic Exposure. He did an incredible job, and I'm completely obsessed with the results.


  1. Great pics! I procrastinated on our pics in Elliott had already been here for 5 days. I am so happy we booked someone and can't wait to see how they turned out.

  2. The pictures turned out great :) I love them... Grayson is so cute...

  3. So precious girl! His lips just kill me...


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