Healthy Living...So How Does This Work?

Recovering from childbirth/surgery has been easier than I expected it to be. After the first few weeks of intense pain that was caused purely by the c-section, I feel like I've bounced back surprisingly well. But even though I'm only a few pounds away from where I started I feel like my body could definitely use some work. I'm in my pre-baby clothes, but they just don't fit quite the same. I went literally my entire pregnancy working out twice...yes, twice. So my body is more out of shape than ever in my life.

Not only do I feel like I need to start working out (how do you find time for this with a baby by the way?), I know that I need to change my diet.

I have a confession to make, and it won't win me any friends I'm sure. I have always had a truly horrible diet, and have never really worked out on a regular basis for more than a few weeks at a time. The past few years I've been a few pounds heavier than I would like, but for the minimal effort I've put in to maintaining, I could deal with it. But that the pounds quit dropping off from breastfeeding I feel like I've plateaued. And in all honesty if I'm going to have to work to lose the last five pounds, I might as well work and lose the five to ten I wanted to get rid of before I was preggo.

Also, I'm more aware than ever what I'm putting into my body since everything I eat is going to the little one. And when he starts eating solids here in a few months I really, really want him to have a fabulous diet. But I've never had a good one, so I almost feel lost as to where to start. I keep thinking I just need to go into a "healthy" grocery store and start buying stuff vs. buying a lot of the packaged crap that we currently eat. I guess that would be a start, but you know how I love a plan. I love to research and weigh all the options and whatnot, but there are SO many different approaches that you can take with diet/exercise, that I feel a bit overwhelmed and totally uneducated.

Soooo....anyone have any suggestions as to where to begin as a newbie to the world of being a healthy human? I feel sad that I'm 28 years old and am just now really focusing on my health, and I feel super duper lucky that I've always had great health since I take such poor care of myself. But hey! At least I'm trying, right?

But seriously. Suggestions? They would be oh-so-appreciated!


  1. Celeste - check out Tone It Up. While people use it to lose weight, I think it is a great resource for healthy eating in general. They focus on eating real foods and not chemicals and making lifestyle changes. My husband and I have been trying to follow the plan and make shifts in our eating...not just for a short time but for the long term. (You have to pay for the actual plan but they have SO many FREE resources on their blog)

  2. Girl, we are one and the same. I've never been a healthy eater and have never dieted in my life. Also never got into working out until I became addicted to the bar method (you should see if there's a studio near you). I do try to eat at least some fruits and veggies every day. Otherwise I don't have much wisdom to share. But working out regularly for the first time in my life has totally changed my body and made me feel better than ever! And I still get to eat what I want. :)

  3. I feel ya girl...these last 5-10 pounds have been a pain in my ass. I've been trying really hard to limit carbs and processed foods. I try to do as much low-fat protein and fresh fruits & veggies as I can. I'm doing a whole post on it later this week, but I've heard people refer to a 80-20 diet where you eat super healthy and clean 80% of the time so that you can indulge 20% of the time. As far as working out goes, I HATE it. I just try to go on daily walks either on my lunch break or when I get home {with the peanut in the stroller}.


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