Oh, The Crying

We have a crier on our hands. Grayson has lungs of steel or something. He can scream like no other. He's not one of those babies that cries for hours on end, thank baby Jesus, but when he is upset, we know it. And so do our neighbors. 

He has no little whimper that leads into a cry that leads into a wail. If his little belly alarm goes off and says it's time for food, he will wake out of a dead sleep and immediately begin wailing at the top of his lungs. And he will cry and cry and cry until the moment his little mouth latches on. If he gets picked up out of his swing before he's ready, if you dare to change his diaper when he doesn't feel like it, or if he just can't make himself go to sleep when he needs to....oh my. 

I should have known when he came out screaming and didn't stop for like four hours that this was likely our fate. But somehow I never thought I would have a screaming baby. I'm not a loud person, and neither is Arsen. So where on earth did this come from? It boggles the mind.

I'm currently reading The Happiest Baby on the Block, and I just read something about passionate babies. Pretty sure that's what we're dealing with here. It's not like he's an unhappy baby, or that he's in a bad mood a large portion of the day. It's just that if something displeases him he wants everyone to know. Like NOW. And he wants it fixed. Like 5 minutes ago. 

This is the part that makes a little sense. These babies tend to be a bit dramatic, and it says that the passionate part of their personality will continue later in life. Now, I may not be loud...but I would never say that I'm not dramatic. Or passionate. If I'm mad, I'm MAD. And things come out of my mouth faster than I can think them. Poor Arsen. And if I feel something, I FEEL it. And I tend to let people know about it. So this poor child has inherited my dramatic tendencies. I feel for him. And for those of us who will live with him. 

At least he got his dad's skin tone...so it's not all bad ;)

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  1. My son is the exact same way! Good luck...he's a doll!

  2. Oh yes, my son was that way as well. :) He definitely knew what he wanted. :) Your little boy is absolutely ADORABLE.

  3. Just came across your blog & added you on bloglovin!! My little man name is Greyson too, although spelled with an E. Love following new mommas!!

  4. He is SO CUTE! I need to read this book! It's so funny how babies have different cries depending on their moods. Mia already has a fake whiny cry. Then she has her sad "my feelings are hurt cry" Then her tired cry. And the best is her "I'm so mad at you" cry. She totally has attitude with that one, it's crazy!

  5. Such an appropriate post for our last email :)

  6. he's such a beautiful little man. Love his coloring. Sorry about all his crying! At least you'll be prepared for the toddler years?


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