House Stuff + A Fancy Car

Even though we've been super busy around here lately, things have been good. We finally found a house that we think is going to be perfect for our little family for the foreseeable future, and it actually looks like things are good to go! And, now we're in the final countdown for being out of our current place - one month! It's so bittersweet. I absolutely love this house and it will always be so incredibly special to our family. But I do love starting fresh in a new house. My emotions are all over the place!

One of the best things that went on lately - aside from finally finding a house!-  is actually thanks to this little ole' blog, actually. We have been driving all over the north part of the Dallas area looking for a house for what, almost two months now? And I won't lie, it was starting to get super old. But luckily, I was contacted a little while ago by GM to see if I'd be interested in participating in a vehicle loan program that they offer - umm, are you kidding? So for an entire week I got to drive around in a brand new GMC Terrain Denali. That certainly made me a little happier to be driving all over the place.

It. Was. Incredible. We've been talking about getting an SUV lately, so this was seriously perfect timing. But, I may have been a little spoiled. This car was seriously amazing. Not only was it nice to look at, but it was super fancy on the inside. The number one thing I care about in my car is if it has navigation, because I like to be able to just get in and planning my route out beforehand. My current car has a nice little navigation system, but this thing takes it to a new level. If there's a McDonalds or a CVS or whatever on your route, the little logo will pop up on the screen showing you where it's at. I don't know why, but I thought this was the coolest thing ever. Maybe I'm easily impressed?

A loved it because it had a super smooth ride and all kinds of horespower or something like that....I can't remember exactly what he said, you know all that "manly" talk. The backseat was super roomy, plenty of room for Grayson's "big boy" carseat we recently bought, and when we went to get groceries A was impressed because there was a little net thing where we could put the eggs. Haha, now that I'm writing this, apparently we're both easily impressed!

So now I really really want to buy a brand new SUV , and since I'm getting a new house I kind of have a feeling I won't be getting one anytime soon. Oh well, I felt pretty fancy for the week I drove it around!

Other than that, honestly not too much excitement in our lives. Grayson is being adorable and hilarious and precious basically 24/7, A is working like crazy, and I'm trying to keep everything straight with all of the house insanity. I'm crossing my fingers that soon we will be settled in a new place, everything will be all nice and neat and organized like I like it, and I'll be back to blogging and working and being a mama like usual, and not too much else.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. This is the first weekend in a looooong time that we WON'T be house hunting, and I am beyond relieved. I can't wait to just do a whole lot of nothing. It sounds so glorious.


  1. We just got a 3rd row SUV and I have to tell you, it is heavenly! We had a small SUV before and man do babies crap take up a lot of room!

  2. Well isn't that super fancy!!! So cool that you got to do that! I'm a GM dad brought me up that way :) Tate wants to get a SUV really bad!!

  3. glad you found your perfect house many exciting things happening for you's like having a baby all over again :)

  4. I love that SUV... Glad you was able to find a new house finally!

  5. I love that car!! And yay for a new house! Have a great weekend!

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