Home Tour - The Bedrooms

So I think we're about to wrap up this whole house tour of our first home. We've already covered the kitchen & dining area, the bathrooms, and...nope, just kidding. I forgot about the living room. We'll see if it's worthy of its own post.

But today I'm showing you the bedrooms. This is kind of funny, because these pictures totally represent where we were at that time in our lives. The time of early parenthood. The time when our baby's crib was in our room, and our nursery was converted into an office of sorts. You'll see. And yes, we left it that way when we were showing the house. 

Oh, and again, picture quality is less than stellar. Please forgive me. 

Master Bedroom
The good thing about our room is that it had enough room for a king size bed, all of our furniture, and a crib to fit nicely. When we very first moved in to this house the first thing I did was paint our bedroom and our bathroom, and I really loved the gray walls in there. There's just something about gray walls and white trim that makes me happy...I'm slowly painting walls in our new house, and 100% of it has been gray. 

Wanna know a secret? I made A move the crib downstairs because I couldn't handle the thought of Grayson sleeping upstairs in his room. He slept approximately half of one evening in that thing. The rest of the time he was snuggled right up between us. Oh well :) 

It also looks like I did a really terrible job of making the bed when I took these photos...I must have been rushed or something. I'll blame it on the baby.

Grayson's Room
Oh, the nursery. The room that I spent so much time stressing over, trying to make perfect, so that when my tiny baby arrived home he would have a place to go. We painted the walls (yep, gray), painted the trim, and replaced the carpet with (laminate) wood floors. Yeah. That was kinda pointless. 

Here's a little backstory on why this room was the way it was. A started working from home a month before Grayson was born. We didn't have an office in our house, so we just put the desk in our bedroom. It was fine when I was working, because I was gone before he started working. Then, after Grayson was born, I would just get up and out of the room before 8 so he could hop on calls. If he didn't have a call, he would leave us sleeping in there while he worked. I would take Grayson and move him to the basinet thing we had in the living room, come grab Addie and move her out there, come back and grab a little basket that I had full of my pain pills (for my c-section), lanolin (hello, breastfeeding), glasses and contact case, tissues, chapstick, and who knows what else. Then I would camp out on the couch for the day. Looking back that was insane and I don't know why we did it, but we were sleep deprived and not thinking clearly. 

After awhile it dawned on us that we had an empty room upstairs that would be perfect for an office since it was clearly not being used as a nursery, and that was that. A could have his office and I could continue sleeping in a comfy bed. I mean, really. I can't believe we spent like two months or so doing it the way we originally were. But it sure didn't make for a very cute room! 

Guest Room
 Really the only thing I did in the guest room was paint the walls a deeper tan than they originally were. I have a hard time with plain white walls, so I paint whenever possible. This wasn't a huge room, but it was a great size for a guest bedroom. I've kind of done away with red in our new place because I had it for so long. Seriously, I had red everything for yeeeaaaarrrrrsssss. I still think it's pretty, I'm just over it.

 There ya have it! Our (old) bedrooms. It's funny how much my style has changed over the years. None of our rooms even resemble these in any way now. I kind of wish A would allow me to change our house with the seasons...have you ever seen people who do that? I feel like I'll know we've really made it when I can have a "fall" look, then my "winter", or "holiday" decor, then brighten it up for spring, then maybe do something almost nautical or beach-y for summer. This is what I daydream about, people. Home decor.

BTW, how proud are you feeling right now? I've blogged somewhat consistently for a couple of weeks now! I feel like you should be proud of me. And by you, I mean you, Mom. I'm somewhat sure you're the only one still reading. If anyone else is still out there, thanks! And hi ;)


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