Home Tour - The Kitchen & Dining Area

Doing a house tour on the blog is something I've considered for awhile now. Forever ago I did a couple of posts on updates we'd made to the house, then I just kind of stopped for some reason. Now that we may be moving, I thought I'd like to do a few posts so someday I can look back and reminisce about our first house.

To be honest, I'm excited about potentially moving into a new house, but it's a little bittersweet. A part of me hates to leave our first home behind - we have so many amazing memories here! I always get a little sad when I move, which is crazy because I have moved a lot in the past 10 years. At least once a year every year until we moved into this house 2 1/2 years ago.

So today I thought I'd start with the kitchen/dining area, which is what originally sealed the deal for us when we bought it. The kitchen had been completely updated, and with our budget we weren't finding that at all. Almost every place we saw had outdated appliances and linoleum floors and not-so-cute countertops. In comparison, THIS kitchen was amazing. Even though if I were designing a kitchen this is probably not at all what I would choose, I still really love it.

Keep in mind: I don't have a fancy schmancy camera, so this is the best I could get with what I've got. I'm crossing my fingers a little fairy will magically deliver a beautiful fancy new camera on my doorstep sometime soon...a girl can dream.
I spy a little creeper baby in that last one. He's literally never more than five feet away from me. He just can't handle it. If he loses sight of me, panic ensues. 

 The dining area is big and open and more than spacious enough for what we need. To be honest with you we are totally eat in front of the TV people (ahh!) so we literally only use it if we are having a dinner with A's family. This isn't even our table, it's my mom's. It's a beautiful table, but it's totally her style, not mine. But we definitely appreciate her letting us use it! Without a table to host dinners at I'm quite sure A's family would disown us.
And here's a look at the kitchen/dining area from our staircase. One of our very favorite things about this house is how open it is. The ceilings are super tall which make the house feel so big. We're having a hard time finding something comparable in our house search now. 
I think this picture is hilarious....my mom is playing tug-of-war with Addie. This is how Addie spends approximately 25% of her time. Almost the entire remaining 75% is spent napping on the back of a chair. We're pretty sure she's part cat. Oh, and please don't judge all the stray toys in the photo. I attempted to keep everything picked up for the photo session that day, but unfortunately that little baby wasn't having it. 

So thus begins our home tour. I hope you enjoy it. And I hope someday when I'm a billionare living in a lavish mansion I will look back on these photos of our humble first home with fond feelings ;)


  1. Your home is beautiful!!! I am a sucker for updated kitchens...when you spend so much time in that room, you need to love it! Why are you guys moving?

  2. I would KILL for all that cabinet space in your kitchen! Our kitchen is teeny and I hate it! Such a beautiful home....why are you moving??? :)

  3. I'm insanely jealous of your kitchen! The number one requirement when we rebuild in a couple years is a NEW kitchen with LOTS of counter and cupboard space!

  4. If the camera fairy visits you, I hope it visits me too! What a great kitchen!

  5. That kitchen is gorgeous! I dream of having a kitchen bigger than a closet, like we have in apartment now. Lol we're just not ready to lay down roots yet though!

  6. LOVE home tours! And I love your kitchen....beautiful!



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