I Heart Weekends

Even though I'm "technically" a SAHM, there's just something about weekends that make me happy. Probably because A is free from work and we can do whatever we want whenever we want...as long as it's baby friendly and is over before 8 pm. Wild and crazy times, let me tell ya.

However, this weekend we did not have to follow those strict guidelines, because mama left her baby overnight for the first time EVER. Seventeen and a half months later, I finally spent a night without that sweet baby cuddled up beside me. (Yes, he still sleeps in our bed, it's totally fine, mmmmmk?)

So let's discuss my fab weekend of freedom, yes?

On Friday the husband took a half day off work and we went to Dallas to meet up with his siblings and their spouses for lunch at Perry's Steakhouse. It was seriously absolutely amazing. We'd neither one ever been, but apparently they're sort of famous for their pork chops. That is something that I literally would never ever consider ordering, but his sister ordered for us and that's what we got. And it was so good. So, so good. My mouth is watering a little bit right now actually...

After that we made the horrendous mistake of going to the mall. A trip to the mall might be the thing that causes our marriage to crash and burn. I, obviously, love shopping. It's one of my favorite pastimes. I could do it for hours upon hours. I enjoy browsing, taking my time leisurely strolling around the store, even if I don't need anything. A likes to get in and get out. He'll find a shirt, grab it, pay, and be back to the car in approximately seven minutes. So you can imagine how well we do shopping together.

Once that catastrophe was over, we made it home and enjoyed a quiet evening of TV and horribly unhealthy food. Since we were so full from lunch A had cheesecake and I had a red velvet bundt cake. That was our dinner. It was pretty heavenly.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. Let me explain to you the reason I left my infant (not really at all) child at home. Our good friends Melissa and Donnie were getting married in Dallas. We live about 30-45 minutes outside of Dallas, depending on traffic. We both wanted to be able to enjoy ourselves (aka drink) and we are much too intelligent to drink and drive. So quite awhile ago we decided that we would just get a hotel and this would be my first night away. So I've had time to prepare. But I was still a little emotional about it.

My mom kept Grayson for the night, and luckily she knows his routine and he's so comfortable with her that it doesn't phase him if we're gone. She said he was perfectly fine the entire time. On Sunday morning he was asking about us, just looking at her and saying "Mommy? Dada?", but never really all that concerned. Talk about relief!

I actually handled it like a champ myself. I was a little concerned I would become slightly inebriated and emotional and end up crying about how much I missed him, but I didn't! I had a freaking blast, and it actually felt so good to just be myself again. I mean, obviously I talked about Grayson to pretty much everyone I spoke to - but most of the time it was because they brought him up! We drank, we danced, we laughed, we stayed out until almost 2 AM...it was so much fun. Then we woke up around 8, packed up, went to Starbucks, where I walked in with big hair, sunglasses, and probably looking as if I was hit by a bus, and made it home to see that sweet bebe.
Too busy having fun to take pics. This is it. And I stole this one.

THEN, I spent most of the day Sunday out with my mom celebrating her birthday! We went to downtown McKinney, which is this adorable little town square with shops and restaurants. We had lunch and walked around the shops for a few hours...finally, someone who will wander aimlessly around stores and enjoy it with me! After that, we went to see Gone Girl. Umm, I loved it. I haven't read the book, so I had almost zero idea what it was about. And it blew my effing MIND. I mean. I don't even know. If you've seen it or read the book you know. I just. I don't know why, but I loved it and now I'm dying to take hubsy* back to see it with me. Anyway, my mom and I don't get a lot of time just the two of us. Usually we have a little 17 month old tag along wherever we go, so it was really nice to have a fun girls day.

Next weekend, Sunday, is actually my birthday. My 30th, to be exact. So there's that.

Honestly, 30 doesn't seem to be effecting me much. I feel a little bit like my youth is over, but I think the whole having a baby thing really sealed the deal on that one, so I'm not too broken up over that. I always hear that your thirties are a pretty amazing decade for most people, so...yeah. Hopefully that's true.

Hope you guys had a pretty phenomenal weekend yourselves. Fingers crossed we all make it through the week and are enjoying the next weekend before we know it. Just a few more days!

*BTW, I'm sorry about saying hubsy. Now that I can't use his name, I'm really running out of things to call him. A is confusing because it looks like I'm starting a sentence about something totally different and then you realize it's his "name" and I don't know. So I'm sorry, that was terrible and I'll try to do better. 


  1. WOOhooo for a night away! It's so weird being away from the lil' guy..but also so refreshing since you don't feel like you constantly have to feed, hold or run after him!!! BTW...you look so BEAUTIFUL!!! Love that the blonde is back!!!

  2. Yay for a night with girlfriends! You look so pretty!

  3. Perry's is amazing!!! We went for our anniversary last year. Holy crap!!! Sooooo good! They're building one at Stonebriar mall!

  4. I sleep with my boy, too. It is absolutely fine, trust and believe! I plan on going out for the night on my birthday this year. December 17th, do you think it will be too early? My little man will be 13.5 months old...

  5. I sleep with my boy, too. It is absolutely fine, trust and believe! I plan on going out for the night on my birthday this year. December 17th, do you think it will be too early? My little man will be 13.5 months old...


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