Trick or Treat!

Since Grayson was just a tiny six month old baby last Halloween, we didn't do much in the way of trick or treating. In fact, we did exactly nothing besides dress him in his cute little tiger costume and walk around a little Halloween festival for about 20 minutes one day. So this year was really our first trick or treating experience, and he loved it. 

I totally procrastinated and waited until the Monday before Halloween to order a costume. I knew I wanted him to be a pirate, but couldn't find a good costume anywhere. So by Monday I was in a slight panic. Luckily, the husband took over since I was freaking out, found a costume, and had it ordered in about 10 minutes. Sometimes I've discovered it's just best to sit back and let him handle the things that make my head spin. 

The costume was in Thursday afternoon, just in time to try it on and make sure it fit for trick or treating the next day. And it was ADORABLE. Grayson wasn't so convinced, but he eventually came around. 
Friday we met up with some neighbors and trick or treated around the neighborhood. I LOVE our new neighborhood. It's full of young families, people are always out in their front yards and walking around, chatting with neighbors. There were so many kids and parents out trick or treating, so it was really fun. After an hour or so of walking around we headed home to hand out candy for a bit. It ended up being pretty cold (well, Texas cold), so we eventually just went inside and left the bucket of candy out for kids to take whatever they wanted. Luckily, the bucket was still there with a few stray pieces of candy when we went to get it. 

Grayson had a blast, and said "tritatweet" (trick or treat) at every house and "gangu" (thank you) when he got his candy. Daddy let him gnaw on a twizzler for awhile, and I gave him a little piece of chocolate. So, pretty much best day ever for that kid. 

Looks like I should probably start brainstorming costume ideas for next year...who knew this was such a stressful thing?


  1. Get out of here! Ya'll are too cute! The picture of all 3 of you, where Grayson is about to sneeze if precious!

  2. Oh my GOSH he is so cute! You look beautiful as well! Gorgeous family!


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