G's First Halloween!

I have been majorly procrastinating on this post. We're already several days into November and I'm just now posting about my bebe's first Halloween?? Bad blogger!

I'm going to be totally honest with you. Every time I've thought about the fact that I need to do it, I've been too lazy to get up and grab my camera to load the photos to my computer. Sad, sad lady. But I finally sucked it up and walked the 15 feet to get my camera, so now we can do this thing.

Grayson's first Halloween was not all that exciting, if we're being real here. He's only six little bitty months old, so no candy for him. Which makes Trick or Treating kinda pointless. Especially since mama likes him to be in bed pretty early. So none of that happened.

Instead, on the Sunday before Halloween, we went to Trick or Treat the Square in downtown Frisco. Several of the businesses were handing out candy, they had a little petting zoo, face painting, carriage rides...it was actually pretty cool. We dressed G up in his adorable little costume and wheeled him around for a bit. Obviously he was too young to really be into any of it, but he always enjoys being out and watching the crowds. We mainly wanted to go so he had a reason to wear his costume, and to see what it's all about to know if it's worth going next year. I think by the time next October rolls around he will definitely be old enough to have some fun there.
On Halloween night, we didn't do much. I thought it would be kinda pointless to take Grayson out since he would have no idea what was going on and we don't have any neighbors that we're close to or anything. So basically I dressed him back up to torture him...his costume was just so cute, and I couldn't let the actual day of Halloween go by without a few photos! So we took some pics, got ready for bed, and hung a sign on the door that said Sleeping Baby, Please Do Not Knock. Happy Halloween!!! Haha...isn't that terrible? I should have at least set out a bucket of candy or something! Ah well....we're the neighborhood grinches I guess.

Even though we didn't do anything too exciting, how freaking adorable did G man look? Oh my gosh, I just adore that costume. Babies in costumes might be the cutest thing in the entire world. I'm super excited for next year when he might be able to enjoy it a little more.


  1. OMG I am copying that sign and using it on my door every year for the rest of my life. Cute Costume G!

  2. That tiger costume with the fur around the face is just the cutest!! I just posted my Halloween pics today, too, for the same reason.. the camera was always too far and I also have a nursing baby who makes everything just out of reach when I need it!

  3. He's so cute. That was a great idea to put a note on the door; otherwise, the evening could have had a grim outcome with constant doorbells waking the babe.

  4. I'm pretty sure I've said this before but you have the best skin. What do you do? I love his costume! Jack was a monkey. I'm ready for when he gets a little older and can really enjoy in the fun.


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