'Tis the Season...

....to be insanely busy. Is anyone else completely and totally SWAMPED right now? I have several posts sitting in my drafts that I really just don't have time to sit down and work on right now. I feel like every year around the holidays things get just a little crazier than the year before, and I'm a little bit less prepared and on top of things...I'm sure that trend will continue as my kids grow and have a million more activities that they're involved in. So looking forward to that.

The last week was so crazy it's all a bit of a blur, but there was baking, and holiday parties, and a movie premiere, and more holiday parties, and Christmas shopping, and on and on and on. So needless to say, that's the explanation for the silence around here. I've discovered that the bloggers who schedule out their December posts know what they're doing. It's seriously impossible to find the time to sit down and write.

The only reason this is getting done is because Grayson decided to wake up at the crack of dawn this morning, and I'm currently writing while he's eating his blueberries and waffles. I should have approximately 10 minutes to do whatever I need to do.

Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers I get the time to catch up on a few posts I was planning, but I'm not making any promises. If I don' get back here anytime soon, happy holidays? Seems a little early, but I'm just trying to cover all my bases :)

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  1. Hope you guys had a great holiday! It was definitely a CRAZY BUSY one this year! Excited for you to come back! :)


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