Last year instead of doing a New Years resolution, I decided to choose a word to focus on for the year. I'm sure you've heard of this idea, it seems pretty popular in the blogging world. But I must say, it was seriously a great thing for me. The word that I chose last year was Joy, and I can honestly say it was the most joyful year of my life. I think it was always in the back of my head that it was supposed to be my focus for the year, and I just really embraced the idea of looking at everything that happened with a joyful heart. I loved it. So I decided to do it again this year.

Joy came to me easily last year. Almost as soon as I decided to choose a word I knew joy was the one. This year has been much harder. I have a lot of things I want to work on this year, but I just couldn't come up with something that would really include everything I was thinking. After going back and forth on a few, I decided on Invest.
Invest will allow me to really focus on everything I'm hoping this year will be. Instead of a few goals here and there that I want to accomplish, it's really more of a new mindset, a new way of approaching life.

I want to invest in my family - I have a lot of new things I want to do as a family, like dinners around the table instead of one of us feeding/watching G while the other eats, I want to make it a point to read to Grayson every night at bedtime, I want to establish a better day-to-day routine for us that makes life simple.

I want to invest in myself - I almost chose health as my word, because I really want that to be a big thing this year - healthier eating, healthier habits, regular exercise, etc.

I want to invest in my own and my family's spirituality. I don't know that I've really touched on it on the blog, but I've got some major hang ups with religion and Christianity, but I feel like I'm finally at a point where I can look at things with an open heart and try to make some changes.

I want to invest in my relationships - with the husband, with Grayson, with my parents, friends, family, and so on.

I want to invest in my community - I have some ideas for how I want to give back, and I'm sure I'll do a future post or two about how it goes.

So that is my word for the new year. I feel good about it. I feel like I'm already on the right track in a lot of ways. Life certainly has it's challenges, but things are pretty dang good at the moment. I just want to make it all as good as it can be. I feel super blessed to be where I'm at, so I want to pour myself more into the things and people that matter most to me. So here's to a fabulous year for everyone! I hope you're all as excited about getting started on 2015 as this girl.

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  1. I love this word! It really does encompass everything you want to accomplish. I've been really trying to come up with a word like I did last year but I haven't came up with the right word just yet. I really like invest. Happy New Year!


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