2013: Best Year EVER!

I'm pretty sure from now on, whenever I look back on the year 2013 I'm going to think of it as one of the best of my life. Every day has been a blessing, whether it was exhausting, frustrating, joyful or fun. I've grown so much as a person, and I've learned a lot about who I am and who I hope to be. Here's a little glimpse back at my favorite year so far!
January 2013
A, Addie and I celebrated the New Year in the lamest way possible. 

Pregnancy hormones took over and I officially lost it

I got super mushy about my love for A...must have been those preggo hormones again. 

Grayson started having dance parties in my belly and we were featured in the Wall Street Journal...totally unrelated, but both equally cool in my book. 

February 2013
I started seriously freaking out about Addie being forced to share my love and affection with the baby. 

We took a weekend trip to Austin with friends and the reality of how much my life was changing started to sink in.

Baby brain started to take over my life. 

I decided to get out of my habit of being "realistic" (aka negative) and focus on all of the good things in my life. 

March 2013
We had our maternity photos done and I grew to be larger than life. 

I had the world's best baby shower thrown by amazingly sweet friends.

I hit 34 weeks of pregnancy, and man was I feeling it. 

We started having some issues with poor little Addie Jane, who was acting out because the baby was coming (I swear she knew!)

April 2013
I got a little gushy again thinking about A and how our relationship had grown and changed.

I let you guys in on a big secret

I made it to 38 weeks and was hoping and praying and crossing fingers I would pop that baby out any day. 

And I did! We welcomed sweet baby Grayson into the world on April 24th. 

May 2013
Life was completely and totally consumed with new baby bliss

We celebrated my first Mother's Day

June 2013
We had Grayson's newborn photos done and they were amaaaazing. 

We celebrated A's first Father's Day and I gushed about him some more. 

We discovered that we had a "passionate" (aka dramatic and LOUD) baby

Grayson turned two whole months old and started showing a bit of his sweet little personality. 

July 2013 
We took Grayson on his first road trip to Oklahoma. 

I officially became a Stay At Home Mom, which has been the biggest blessing and best decision I ever made. 

I shared a little TMI in a post about the not so glamorous side of motherhood

We celebrated G's three month birthday and mama got super mushy. 

August 2013
I shared all of the many, many things I wanted to do to spruce up our home

I shared all of my Must Haves for New Babies

Which led to me sharing my Must Haves for New Mommies

I told you guys all about the toughest job I've ever had. (Hint: it's being a mom)

September 2013
Like pretty much every other blogger out there, I got all giddy about fall

I talked about bouncing back after baby.

In one of my "deeper" posts, I shared what I believe

A and I celebrated two years of marriage! How has it only been two years?

October 2013
I shared my first furniture makeover, which turned out better than I was expecting! 

I gave some tips on how A and I make our marriage work....since we have two whole years of experience ;)

We also took Grayson on his first trip to the fair AND his first trip to the pumpkin patch.

November 2013
I shared all about our interesting experience starting solid foods for G.

We had Grayson's six month photos done and I decided that we officially have the world's cutest baby.

Grayson started going through a clingy phase....that is still currently happening.  

I shared all of the many, many things that I am thankful for these days. 

December 2013
If you ever wanted to feel like you know me a little better, then this is the post for you. 

We had a huge ice storm that left us trapped in the house for days. 

I discovered that when it comes to Christmas, I'm really bad at planning.

We celebrated Grayson turning 8 months old on Christmas Eve....my baby is getting SO big! 


I hope 2013 was a great year for you....but even if it wasn't, here's to a new, even better 2014!!! Have a safe and happy new year with loved ones tonight! And now I'm gonna be one of those really cheesy people.....see you next year!!!!


  1. I loved our first year as parents. You know what the best part is? It's better every year.

    It looks like you two were very blessed this year. I wish you the best for 2014!

  2. A great journal of a great year. Congratulations.

  3. 2013 was my favorite year too! We had a baby girl in July! It's been a great ride ever since. Thanks for sharing your year. 2014 can only get better. :)

  4. Y'all had such a big year! Happy New Year, and I hope 2014 is just as exciting for you (although maybe a little less busy)!


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