Grayson Says...

"Mommy, what's DAT noise?!?" - he says this all the time, for the quietest little noises. The air conditioner coming on, music, the phone ringing, a car driving by...basically anything he hears.

"Oooh, Gaygan burp!" or "Ooooh, Gaygan toot!" - he definitely feels the need to announce his bodily functions to us.

"Ooh, what's DAT smell?" This is said with a scrunched up nose and lots of sniffing.

"Mmm, Mommy, what is dat favor?" Favor = flavor. He asks me this after almost anything he tastes. He started doing it after we introduced dum dum suckers for potty training, and now he asks it about everything he eats.
"Scuz me Gaygan!!!" - This is said after burping. I love that he thinks he has to say his name. I'm assuming because I've said "Say excuse me Grayson!" many times :)

"No, Gaygan do dat, all by self!!!" - He is nothing if not independent, and he wants to do it allllll by himself.

"Make me happy!" - The first time he said this was when we were strolling through Target. He was eating popcorn and we were just chatting about nothing, whatever we happened to see and toddler talk. He ate a big handful of popcorn and then said "Make me happy!" I said, "The popcorn makes you happy? Good!" and he said "No!" Then he leaned forward and put his hand on my chest and said "Mommy make me happy".  And then I almost cried and I bought him a new toy because it was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard in my ENTIRE LIFE.

"Gaygan go poop get a guuuucker!" - We're potty training and he gets one m&m for peeing and a little dum dum sucker for pooping. He gets so excited every time he even thinks about pooping and he says this while practically dancing around.
"Est-eh-day" - I wish you could hear this one, it's my favorite word he says right now. It's his version of "yesterday", and it's freaking adorable. He's always saying "Gaygan watched dat car movie est-eh-day" or "Gaygan go to the beach and go swim est-eh-day!" Basically, anything that has happened in the past happened yesterday.

"Wanna go to Omahoma see Papaw and Addie!" Almost every day when I ask him what he wants to do that day, this is what he says.

"Oooh, dat kiger eyes! Look at dose kiger eyes!" This morning after we woke up we were laying in bed and he started talking about tiger eyes and pointing to these two round gold mirrors we have on our bedroom wall. He would say "kiger eyes go like dis" and then make a serious face and squinch his eyes up. I kept telling him they were mirrors and he refused to believe me.
"No. No. No." This is when he's trying to tell me something and I don't understand. Yesterday he kept telling the husband and I that he wanted to go to the zoo, but it sounded like a cross between shoe and too. We kept saying "You want your shoe?" "You wanna go too?" and he would look so serious and just shake his head and say "No. No." so calmly. He does it all the time now, and it's so funny how long it can go on without him getting frustrated.

I seriously need to start doing this every single night, because this kid cracks me up all day every day. He's talking SO much now, and carrying on conversations like it's nothing. So much of what he says is hilarious and I think I'll never forget, then I sit down to type it up and I can't remember! He's also become MUCH easier to get along with lately, and I think it's because he's so good at expressing himself and telling us exactly what he needs. So far, the "terrible twos" have been the easiest stage of his life! (fingers crossed, knock on wood, whatever else you do to NOT jinx yourself)

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