32 Weeks With Baby #2

Two months to go!!! It sounds so very far away, ESPECIALLY because it is approximately one billion degrees in Texas right now. I mean really, it is just the worst. The second I open the door to step foot outside I am immediately dripping in sweat. I have my air conditioner down so low that everyone else is constantly wrapped in blankets. Pregnancy and a Texas summer do not mix. Noted for baby #3 ;) 

Aside from the horrendous heat, things have been going great! Even though I am definitely feeling pregnant these days, I am still doing much better than I was my first time around. And even though I feel as good as one can expect during pregnancy, and I seriously do love it so much, I am super anxious for this little guy to get here. Fingers crossed he arrives on time and doesn't decide to hang out in there for an extra two weeks or anything crazy. 
Due Date
October 17, 2015

This Week Baby A...
is getting big! He's over 4 pounds and around 17 inches, and gaining about half a pound a week. He has toenails, fingernails and hair. And trust me, I can FEEL how big he is...like, all the time ;) 

The main issue I'm having is still the whole extra tired thing, which is progressively getting worse. I've had a little sciatica pain off and on, usually after I've been pretty active. Indigestion occasionally, especially after anything remotely spicy. And my stomach literally feels like it's stretching to the point it hurts sometimes, usually toward the end of the day. I would think it wouldn't hurt so much this time since it's already done this! 

Weight Gain
I believe 22 pounds, if my mom's scales are correct. I go to the doctor Friday so I'll know for sure. 

Little baby boy :)
Food Cravings/Aversions
Hmm. The main thing I've been having a problem with is SUGAR. I want it all the time, and have to remind myself that pumping myself full of the stuff day in and day out probably isn't great for the growing human inside of me. That's really about it. Actual food, couldn't really care less what I eat. 

This kid is nuts. There is almost constantly something hard sticking out, directly to the left of my belly button. It feels big, so I'm wondering if it's his little booty. I get jabs to the right side pretty frequently, which is where I always felt Grayson. And this one is RIGHT in my bladder. Like, inside it. I'm always gasping because I feel like he's either headbutting or jabbing me with a fist down there. I love all the movement, but it's way more intense than it was with G! 

Still good to go in this area (thank you baby Jesus, please please please let it stay this way!)

Daddy's Thoughts
Umm. The only thing we are discussing these days is the fact that he will arrive incredibly soon, and that we cannot agree on a name. AT ALL. Poor, poor little unnamed baby. We seriously couldn't be further from agreeing on something. Other than that, not sure how he's feeling because the name is ALL I TALK ABOUT. 

Fun Moments
My baby sprinkle this past weekend! It was seriously so much fun, and I loved getting together with all my friends to celebrate this little man! Everyone was so sweet and I felt so spoiled, and I loved every minute of it. And since it will be my only shower, I went shopping the next day to finish up getting the last of what we needed. We're pretty much good to go! Now I've just got to get everything all organized and in it's place and we'll be ready to have this baby! (I mean, we need the name, too. That's kind of important)

Looking Forward To... 
Now all I'm thinking about is all the nesting I have to do. Nesting is seriously such a thing. I've been going nuts cleaning things out, organizing, re-organizing, turning my house upside down, and finding the perfect place for everything. I'm also excited because we decided to get a doula and we should be meeting with her in the next month or so to discuss my birth plan and all that it entails. And I mean, naming the kid....looking forward to that happening eventually (not that I'm obsessing or anything)

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