Naming a Baby = Pure Torture

So, the last time time around when A and I went through this whole baby naming fiasco, I wrote this post. Seems like the usual worry over picking a good name and trying to agree with the partner thing that most people face when naming a baby, I'm sure. This time? Well, this time the husband and I are locked into a battle of the wills that I'm not sure will ever end. Like, I'm afraid we may literally never name this baby. Ever.

I will admit, we can both be a bit stubborn. And we neither one like to back down or give into what the other wants. (These all sound like great qualities for life partners, amiright?) I knew it wouldn't be easy, because naming Grayson was actually more difficult than I let on in that post from above. He was originally going to be Cash, and then after a month or so of saying that was his name, A decided that it didn't "feel" like his son's name. So we threw around several names, but eventually landed on Grayson probably around the time I entered the third trimester.

This time....well, it's not been so easy. Like, not at all. We literally don't have one single name that we can agree on. He has one that he's set on, that I like but don't love, I have another that I really love, but he's only okay with, and then I have one that I am IN LOVE with, and he has said absolutely not, no way. But I CAN'T LET IT GO. I can't. It's the name. I love it. In my head, that's my baby's name. Grayson calls him by that name. Everyone I tell it to is like "Oh! I love that!". It's unique, it's super uncommon, and I LOVE IT. And he says 100% no way, no how.

So now you see why I can't give in to the name that he apparently loves and I'm alright with. Which, by the way, was one of my top picks for Grayson and he was like "eh, I don't really like it". Now, suddenly, he thinks it's the greatest name ever and I'm so over it. How can you possibly name a human with someone so infuriating?!? How do people DO THIS?? Why is it SO MUCH HARDER this time????

I'm really just at that point in the pregnancy where I am super incredibly agitated and annoyed by everyone and everything, so this situation is really starting to get bad. Does anyone out there have advice? Should I find a subtle way to brainwash him? Should I try to figure out a way to bribe him? Do I give in to the okay name that I don't love? Pregnancy hormones are making this feel like such a HUGE thing.

I need help. And your prayers. And any and all good vibes. Please and thanks.


  1. Sending lots of prayers your way! I understand how so incredibly frustrating this is! And I say that as a mom who hasn't gotten her "must have, most perfect name ever" either time! My husband got one of his top picks the first time around - a name I really liked, but certainly wasn't my first choice. Second time around we battled for months again and I still didn't get either of my two favorites (baby in due in October). My husband didn't get his top favorites either and ultimately we found a name that we both really liked, but wasn't on our "top lists." This way we didn't feel like either one of us was "winning" the battle. Just as much as I wanted my top name, I also didn't want to live with a husband for the rest of my life who didn't like our second child's name or resented me for it. It helped to walk away for a bit and then start fresh with a list of new names rather than trying to get each other on board with the others choice. Good luck!!! It will all happen as it should and I know the perfect name will pop up!

  2. Girl, you wait until you're in labor and beg him to let you name the baby what you want. Seeing you in pain and upset may be just what you need. ;) Keeping my fingers crossed that you get your way! Maybe you can also enlist the help of family and friends in convincing him. Can't wait to hear what his name ends up being!


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