Gavin - Two Months

I am really on a roll with being super late on all things related to my sweet Gavin. He was officially two months on December 28th, so it's not too bad ;)

Month two has been just as great with this baby as the first one. I'm actually convinced he's just about the best baby out there. He has made this transition into life with two as easy as it could possibly be - which is awesome, since his older brother has made some things a bit of a challenge. I think this past month was when all the growing pains for Grayson kicked in, and we had some resentment issues for a week or two. Things seem to be leveling out now, and we're back to mostly comments of "Mama, Gabin's so cute!". Oh, and I'm suddenly Mama again, instead of Mommy, which I have been for I want to say at least a year now. I'm thinking that is Gavin related, also.

But overall month two was pretty much as good as it gets! We've got one happy, smiley baby on our hands, and I'm pretty sure I fall a little harder for that little bundle of sweetness every day.

Well, I must say, you continue to make it easier and easier to love you. Two months in and you are still just all goodness. You have the absolute sweetest little demeanor, and I can't get enough of you. The most fun thing we have going on right now is that you are ALL smiles. Anytime I look at you, you break out into a grin that spreads over your entire face. You smile with every inch of your body, it seems, arching your back and spreading your arms out and giving out a little baby squeal. I love it, and I may spend an absurd amount of time chatting with you just to get more and more of it.

The sweetest thing in the entire world has to be the way you look at Grayson. You watch him closely, and seem to be studying his every move. You'll stare and stare, and then break out into one of your sweet little smiles. This makes him SO happy by the way, and he says "Mama, he's miling at me!" while he giggles. This tiny little preview of the relationship that the two of you are going to have is about to make my heart burst into a million happy little pieces. I hope you two grow up to be best friends. You're a lucky guy, because you've got the sweetest, most hilarious, most entertaining big brother out there.

Daddy and I frequently discuss what a good baby you are, and how we didn't know a baby could actually be this good. If there were any guarantee that future children would be like you, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have a hard time convincing Daddy to add to the pack. Daddy will admit that he isn't super into the newborn stage, as far as all different baby stages are concerned, but now that you're interacting and cooing and smiling, he's definitely more and more excited to hang out with you every day.

You are a true second child in that you totally just go with the flow. I think second children are born knowing they just kind of have to go with it, and you so do. Every time I take you somewhere around my friends they comment on how amazing you are. They usually actually have to ask if you're actually there, since you typically just sleep in your stroller the entire time we're out and about. You've been to play dates, birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, New Year's Eve - and you've handled it all like a champ. You also are living the true second child experience in that your parents are MUCH more relaxed about things than Grayson's were. Instead of panicking over every little thing we generally Google it and know that you're totally fine. This will probably be great for you in the future.

It's hard to say what your favorite things seem to be, because you are pretty much just happy to be here. You definitely love diaper changes, and anytime I strip you down. I'm guessing you're going to be one of those kids who doesn't wear clothes unless you absolutely have to. Diaper changes are super easy with you because as long as I'm looking at you, you are as happy as can be. You're content to lay on your play mat for awhile, but you don't really love to be in your swing when you're awake unless you've just woken up. Tummy time is also pretty easy with you. You'll hang out for quite awhile, grunting and scooting around, before you start to get fussy. You flipped over from your tummy to your back for the first time on Daddy's birthday, which was a day after you turned two months. I was loading the dishwasher while you were on your mat, and I looked over right as you were mid-flip. I'm not totally sure how it happened, and it hasn't happened since. And you definitely were not expecting it, because you cried like your little heart was broken from the shock of it all.

We haven't got an actual laugh from you yet, but when you're extra happy you let out a little squeal that sounds super close to a laugh. You're also chatting up a storm, and can be pretty loud when you want to be. I love listening to you "talk", you have the sweetest little voice. And your cry is still adorable. It seriously sounds fake, very "wah! wah!" with the bottom lip pouted out. So cute.

You are a super quick eater, and you also don't eat that frequently. Somehow you're still growing like a little weed, so I guess you just get what you need quick. During the day your feedings are typically around three hours apart, and only last for about five or ten minutes. At night you usually go to sleep around nine or ten, wake up around 330 to eat for about five or ten, then again anywhere from six to seven. I mean seriously, you couldn't make things easier for me if you tried. Bless you, sweet baby. Mama is getting so much more sleep than expected, which your mama NEEDS.

Pretty much the only things that make you unhappy are hunger, wet diapers, and being laid down when you don't want to be. You are still really congested and snorty from getting sick so very early in life, but for a baby who has had to deal with that almost from day one I am amazed with how well you've handled it. Other than that, life seems to be pretty good for you. Your challenge in life, at least in these early years, will be your overly excitable brother. When he kisses you, he kisses you with force. When he hugs you, we have to remind him "gentle, gentle!". He gets excited and squeezes your little hands and feet, sometimes until you start to cry. He always wants to lay on your play mat with you, which makes it a bit crowded, and he tends to try and "hug" you while you're laying down, almost crushing you. It's all out of love (mostly), and it really is quite sweet.

So it's safe to say that we'll keep ya. I couldn't adore you more, and I just love the way you've fit into our little family so easily. You are clearly a special little baby, and I can't wait to see what this smiley, sweet little personality develops into over the next months and years. I love you so much, sweet boy.


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