What Grayson Wore - October

Since I'm trying to kind of sort of catch up on things around here, I wanted to start back up with my "What Grayson Wore" posts. Every morning before preschool I take a photo of him, so I decided to share them with all of you because...well, honestly just because I think he's cute and why not? I take the pics with my iPhone, typically as we are rushing rushing rushing out the door, so they aren't superb quality, to say the least. And, as you'll be able to tell, he's getting bored with the process and has started refusing to stand still for them. Anyway, check out what Grayson wore way back in October! 

 Literally every single shirt besides the blue and white stripe shirt and the white polo are from Old Navy, as are all of his pants. Most of his wardrobe comes from Old Navy and Target, with a bit of Baby Gap and maybe Carters or something else random thrown in here or there. I really just can't bring myself to spend more than $15 or so on a shirt for him when I know he's going to either destroy it or outgrow it insanely fast. I'm sure as he gets older and doesn't grow quite so quickly that I'll be more inclined to invest in some more expensive things here and there, but for now, this is working for us!

Also, you will see that we get A LOT of use out of our Tiny Toms Classics shoes. This summer Grayson decided that he would not be wearing any kind of flip flop or sandal, no way no how. Every time I attempted it he would say "It hurts! It huuuurrrrts!!!". So I finally gave up. So the Toms were a lifesaver. For the past year or so we've been buying these navy Toms in whatever size he grows into, and we've done the same thing with the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars since before he could walk. 

So there you have it. At this rate I should be back with the November post sometime in the spring ;) 

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