Fancy Schmancy

One thing I am NOT is an early adopter. I wish I was. I wish I cared about having the newest gadgets and being into all the new technology...but I just don't. So I was a few months (years, whatever) late jumping on the iPhone bandwagon. And our laptop is nothing fancy, just some random brand, but it works just fine. So needless to say, I'm just not that cool.

But tonight I sit here typing away on our new iPad. Yeah, yeah, iPads have been around fooorever, but I literally never had a desire to get one. Neither did Arsen. But then I played around on my best friend Rachel's last time I visited her. And it was fun. And a few people at work carry them around. And they look pretty happy about it. So I decided a couple days ago that we should get one. You know, for my career. Somehow Arsen fell for that. (haha, kidding babe)

I even got a supercute purple case for it. I thought about compromising and getting blue, it seems slightly more unisex, but...the purple was just so pretty.

So basically what I'm a trying to say is I became infinitely more cool tonight. I just thought people should know.

In other news, this weekend we are heading to Oklahoma for my other BFF Katie's wedding. I'm super excited to see everyone and celebrate and do all the fun things involved with a wedding. Arsen and I are taking off work Friday and heading up there so we can see family and whatnot as well.

Arsen was checking the weather earlier and said "Oh man! It's supposed to rain in OKC on Saturday!". For .2 seconds I thought he was worried for Katie and Q, but he quickly followed up with "How am I supposed to get a tan now?!". He's been planning on drinking by the pool at my uncles while I get ready for the wedding, so now his plans are ruined. Isn't he just so thoughtful?

I am actually the Maid of Honor in Katie's wedding, so after all the wedding hoopla is over this weekend, I plan on doing a post recapping everything that I did for the shower and bachelorette. I actually did a fairly decent job of documenting it all on camera, so hopefully I can pull it all together.

So now if I can tear myself away from my fancy new gadget, I'm off to get some beauty sleep. Goodnight friends!


  1. OMG I love your blog! This will be really good for me to see your life in the suburbs! I craze them often living in the city! Excited to find you!

    1. Well I have been living vicariously through you for the past few weeks since I discovered your blog. I always swore I would end up living right in the middle of a huge I have no idea how I ended up here!


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