When it rains...

I've noticed that when something unfortunate happens in life, it typically doesn't end with just that one thing. I wish I knew what the reason for that was...

The past couple weeks haven't been the best. But, they haven't been the worst either, so should I really complain? After getting my lovely sinus infection (which continues to drag on with a disgusting cough), this pesky eye infection that I've been fighting on and off for over a month came back with a vengeance yesterday. By the time I got home from work and was able to take my contacts out, I could barely tolerate having my left eye open. It got worse over night, to the point that I actually had to miss work and go to the eye doctor today. Man, I'm making a great impression at this new job! Missing twice in two weeks from all my random illnesses.

On top of that, Addie developed a strange little white patch on her neck about two weeks ago. Of course I started panicking and wanted to take her to the vet immediately, but I tend to overreact. In a major way. One morning about a year ago she was limping around when she woke up. I tried to touch her foot and she freaked out. I called in to work, took her to the vet, paid a couple hundred dollars....the verdict? She probably caught her toenail on something.

We had her groomed over the weekend, so her skin is really easy to see now. Arsen was looking at her belly yesterday morning and noticed that her skin has gotten darker. A LOT darker. As in it went from soft pink to a dark charcoal grey, almost black. So of course my panic went from minor to "ohmygodmypoorbabydogisdying!!!!!" I started doing research and came across something hideous called black skin disease, and many other scary things.

I took her in to the vet today, and he says it could be either hyperpigmentation from aging, or a problem with her thyroid. He had to take some blood....man, can that little dog scream. About 4 different vet techs came in to see what happened to her to make her scream so loud. The vet was laughing so hard he could barely do the test. She is so incredibly dramatic! So he sent it off for testing, and we'll know in the next couple days whether it's her thyroid or not.

Sigh. Not only has it all been stressful, it's been expensive too. But hopefully, HOPEFULLY, it's over. Don't bad things come in threes? Sinus infections (we will just group mine and Arsen's together), eye infection, weird doggie issue....surely it's over now.

Pouting After Her Tragic Vet Visit

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  1. Awww. Poor little pup. I hope you (and your fur baby) are feeling better soon. :)


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