I am NOT a Drama Queen...No Really

This morning when I had just about finished getting ready, I sprayed on some perfume. I went about my business finishing up, and then went back to spray some more. I did a spray tan last night so I'm always paranoid about smelling like awful fake tan, so I thought I could use some more. I spritzed away, and then I realized something: I couldn't smell the perfume. At all.

I had put lotion on after my shower, and it has a really strong scent. Sniffed my arm: nothing. Then I started thinking, I don't remember smelling my awful spray tan last night. And wait, my food didn't have much taste yesterday. I remember it burning my mouth, but I don't remember the flavor. Doesn't smell account for like 90% of taste or something??? Panic.

I told Arsen what was happening, and he was annoyingly calm about it. "You're congested, it's just because you've been sick". Ugh.

"Babe, I've never lost my sense of smell completely before when I've been sick. Ever. Have you? Completely?"

He gave me a look of disbelief and said "Yeah." I didn't believe him.

So the entire drive to work this morning I kept slowly bringing my arm up to my nose to try and smell my lotion without Arsen noticing. Still nothing.

I started thinking about how much I will miss my sense of smell. It's one of my favorite senses. I mean, obviously behind sight. And hearing. And I like tasting things too. And it would be bad if I couldn't feel things. But still, I really like to smell good things.

I started mourning my loss, thinking of all the smell-good candles I love, how much I love picking out a new perfume or body wash, and how good Arsen smells with his manly cologne. And wait. How on earth will I ever know if I smell bad??? I have a serious phobia about smelling bad, like an obsession, and I put deodorant on like three times a day. I used to carry it in my purse! Who will ever tell me if I'm walking around smelling like a sweaty old man???

I started wondering if there are surgeries that can be done to repair this condition. I thought about doing some research when I had some spare time.

A few minutes ago I went to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate. I poured the mix into my cup, and thought it looked kind of funny. I went to give it a sniff, and it smelled normal, so I figured I was good.

Wait. I can smell? Oh. Maybe this is why Arsen calls me a drama queen....

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